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  1. hi sure glad theres more then one skyline lover at xr6tforums
  2. there was a r33 gtst for sale on carpoint a while back, it was painted in phantom... looked pretty good
  3. the color is called Phantum my brothers ute is that color but he isnt home untill the weekend so i wouldnt be able to get the code for you...
  4. check the for sale section, you will be able to see some cars that would be in your price range (possible to have an r33gtst for 15...)
  5. seen this at street commodores... it seem like they trying to make thier taillights similar to skylines? they arent exactly the same, but quite similar...
  6. im a member there, and you gotto realize that its a ford xr6t site, dedicated, so ofcourse they are gonna want to have the xr6t to be the top this here is a skyline dedicated site, so you guys will be more onto the skyline side my dad owns a BA XR8, and i visit the xr6t forums cause they have some information for me to show my old man, and even tho my whole family are ford men, im only interested in gettin a skyline im lookin at both sides, and ive been in an xr8 and xr6t, i tell ya the 6t is the better car there, but nothin beats a v8 grunt. im yet to be in a skyline, but the specs, the things you hear about them, and the looks, (and video's on the net and stuff) make me want a skyline soo bad. just expressing my views to this, cause i did see the thread mentioned, and thought it was ludacris (there is another thread there about a gtr vs xr6t... here is the link to that, and it shows that they arent as arrogent as you might think http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/index.ph...0388&hl=skyline
  7. wow... good price for the low km's and the year model if had the money for a skyline now this would be a choice... good luck with sale
  8. wow... nice looking car. and that is dirt cheap... wish i was gettin a skyline sooner rather then later
  9. talkin about eggs... my brother has an Ford BA XR6 Ute, and he had only had it for 2 weeks, and was parked outside one of the busiest pubs in my home town, and when he came out to go home, somone had thrown an egg at it, and it didnt just stick on there, it was thrown at such a force, that it has removed the clear coat from that spot, and cracked and chipped the paint, and it really made a mess... hold your hand into a fist and you pretty much get the size of it, a big white spider web is what it looks like, and can see it from a distance pretty well too... so from after this, whenever ive seen somone throwing eggs at anyone, i give 'em a peice of my mind... eggs + little vandals = nothing but a slap on the wrist from cops and it leaves the owner of the car with the repair bill.
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