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    Skyline R34 GT-T
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  1. Hey guys i have only one key for my 34. Anyone know where to go to duplicate one? Cause i know theres sorta alarm or transponder? If I'm not wrong? Thanks!
  2. does it fall off the ledge when you turn round the corners? where's your amp too man?
  3. hoping to get a good exhaust and spoiler for my car

  4. nice photos man! i was behind you at the 3rd picture where you got out of the car to take photos man! nice photos again!
  5. Yea, I got a quote from KYP for 850 for wheel bearings and suspension? Is it the norm? Cheers Brad
  6. Hi guys, my r34's wheel bearing and suspension are like gone, where do you guys suggest me to go? Cheers Brad
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