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  1. Hey just a small guide on how to install the rear speakers for the 4 door R34, i managed to do it and i'm pretty clueless at this stuff so you guys should be able to do it pretty easily lol. There are a few guides on here but I thought i'd post one anyway. To get to the back speakers we have to take the back seats, panels on the side and the shelf off. Step 1 - Under your seats there should be a bolt on each side next to the door, just use a spanner and take them out - Then take the bottom part of the back seat out, The green arrow is the area where the bolt would be and that's what it will look like after Uploaded with ImageShack.us Step 2 - Okay now the top half of the seat, on the corner just under the seat on each side there are two hidden bolts, again take them out. - Now to take this seat out, you have to lift it upwards because there is a hook behind it to support the seat. Just push it upwards and it should come off. - Now open the boot, and take the back shelf thing off in your car, which leads to the handrest hole, makes things easier. Should look something like this Uploaded with ImageShack.us Step 3 - Now we are taking the side panel off, it's attach using clips, so pull a bit of it off and you'll hear a few clicks(the clips detaching) - Now one of the clips is really tight so stick your hand in behind the plastic, firmly but not roughly, push the plastic out from the inside Green arrow ---> Panel Red arrow ---> Shelf Uploaded with ImageShack.us Step 4 - Now we are taking the shelf of, there are these 3 black things on top of the shelf, with an up arrow on them attached to the shelf, push it up really hard and let it open, - Once the plastics open you'll see more bolts, unbolt it and lift the shelf up up, (you'll hear more clicks which are the clips detaching again lol) Step 5 - Now you'll see the speakers, unscrew the 4 screws on each side, unclip the wire attached to it and put your new ones in. Those are my old ones Uploaded with ImageShack.us Those are my new ones Uploaded with ImageShack.us Wiring Okay my brother helped me out with this bit, all he did was look at the positive and negative side of the clip, put the correct + or - from the new wire we got with the speakers and put it in, used some electric tape to hold it firmly and it was all good to go. Put everything back in reverse now. How much money did i spend on this? $1.65 for electric tape, which i bought from 7/11 down the road. What did i use? Just a spanner for the whole thing. And yeah they work perfectly fine.
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