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  1. [also the part i forgot to mention. the rear diff or drive shaft has gon3e ti s#@$ cant be bothered fixing and would swap for reasonable object
  2. hey guys up for sale is my skyline r31 red sedan with minor mods' has a rb30 engine behind a auto gearbox and pintara 4,11 lsd i think it is has a new radiator and widscreen, has got 173000ks very clean except for where some dick bottled it has rear muffler removed and straight pipe with tip plus pod, tinted windows 17inch rims all with brandnew tread still got receipts for the car <bought> 2 months ago runs perfect top gun leads and bocsh spark plugs <worth over 200 dollers> rego till november 27, located in vic warrnambool, goes hard as recent service and can send photos, text with offer 0403653132 cheers jai
  3. hey i'm currently chasing a rear diff for a skyline r31 need the hole thing axles and all, my cars an auto but personally i just need a diff:{ also chasing turbo kit or parts for my turbo project cheers i'm in warrnambool too
  4. hahaha he has told me but i'd need him with me to type in what it was proper. I cant remember lol
  5. the pintara was also manual, and had 270xxxks, also i bearly flogged my 31 after i got it back, didnt even go over 110 lol to scared
  6. hey guys, this is how it is, i own a r31 1989 sedan automatic rb30e non turbo.. 173000ks and owned by an old lady witha full service history.. The other day about 2 weeks ago someone put oil on a roundabout and i didnt know it was ther and went round it and the ass slid out and into the curb... Which bent my left axle and bent my pan hard rod, i went about fixing this through my mechanic. Now finding these parts were imposbile where i am so i bought a nissan pintara sedan 1989, gli.. And drove it back and donored the parts i needed into the skyline (pan hard rod, and the hole diff).. The mechanic installed it all for me.. I got the car back this wensday and it felt ok no vibrations or anythung, and last night (thursday) i was driving it to town 30ks and i went straight through a round about and on the exit it started to make a qiuet clicking noise, i pulled over straight away to examine and couldnt see anything visual, i proceeded to drive up the side street at a slow pace only to fine after 20p metres it got insanely worse insanely fast, i called a friend straight away who is a fully qaulified mechanic and he came to me and we drove it to his house and put it on the ramps.... ( we seen that the rear seal or something on the diff had been leaking a fair bit of fluid.. And these washer things near the unijoint closest to the auto looked f'd to hell) thats the story so far... If anyone can help me please, thank you jai
  7. yeh i think it was a 10mm copper head gaskit, lol and yeh 7 would be fine hahaha you wouldnt beleive it but about an hour ago my drive shaft just shit its self so its going back to the workshop again... So wont have this turbo for a while but i've copied all the information you all have given me and printed it out so i reflect on things i have to do + keep an eye on, thank you all!!
  8. its a 1989 rb30e i think.. Lol now i just have to find some stuff lol and yeh i got a decomplate on standby aswell aparently it'll bring it down to 7.0:1 lol and i can get an exhuast easy enough i hope lol and yeh intercooler would be a bit harder lol
  9. yeh my mechanic has a vl turb ecu for me plus injectas and he said i'd have to buy a bosch one or something or rather, lol he has the details for the pump
  10. ahhaha jeez lol yeh i was thinking a stock vlt exhaust manifold? I'm not aiming for a high mount t4 13psi setup lol, 7psi would do me fine i reckon, and just go from there?
  11. hahaha i see what your saying but this cars internals and externals are either full worked or just perfect, proud to say not one dint/scratch lol
  12. hey thanks for all your info, hahaha its given me about 10 hours to fully go through it all lol, but yeh my line is auto, witha pintara diff, full 25spine 2pinion 4.11, sadly hahaha and engine and box only done 170xxx and owned by an old girl so its all next to near perfect in that sense, i was thinking getting vl gear and peicing up my puzzle, i know basic mechanic stuff but a conversion is way outa my legue, so me mechanic would be doing it all for me..
  13. thanks for the replys! Yeh i was talking to my mechanic who specializes in nissan (skylines his fav) and he siad half cut rb20et, but i've read alot about them being to gutlass and having to really flog the Thing (causing more wear than its worth lol) so not sure man, also i was thinking vl setup, eg: the old turbo exhaust manifold and inlet mani, but i wasnt sure if theyd line up perfect, and then just get cooler, bov injectors, ecu, bigger exhaust, decomplate, ect;
  14. hey guys, i dont have a large budget atm, but i want a turbo lol i've heard about getting a rb20et half cut, turbo kits via online, super charger kits for rb30, so i'm kinda lost i can spend a bit but still want to be relitively cheap.. Lol cheers jai
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