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  1. Question is how long did you hold it at 4000 rpm? the launch really needs to be done quick or you will overheat the trans. Best to get a Cobb AP and dial down the Revs too. I launch at 3200-3400 and it gets away very nicely, and without the brutality of it all.. I had LC set to 4000 on one of my very first launches and it just shit itself and threw error codes due to rear wheel spin. Was lucky I had the Cobb on hand as it enabled me to quickly ECU reset & clear the error codes via the Cobb and I was away again without the limp mode bs..
  2. Have a chat with Martin @ Willall. He can very well send you an etune + Cobb, then run a few 4th gear 60-180kph logs and he will fine tune it. Willall is definitely the way to go, hands down, no questions. I have drop in HKS filters, HKS Superior Spec R Ti exhaust and Willall titanium mid pipe and running the 2009-2010 refresh etune. They have perfected their Advanced Traction Control as well as BOTL and Rolling Antilag. These can be added to the tune on request. The ATC is well worth the money alone! Totally satisfied
  3. There will be some level of rattles coming from the brakes (over bumps), but not squeeling or squeeks - unless they are fouled by something between the pad and rotor. Have you checked for cracks in the rotors? Any cracks (if you have not tracked it) will be warranteed - but you will need to write a letter to Nissan Australia in order for them to approve it. Most dealers will push back.
  4. Well it just keeps on getting better and better. Keep up the good work PranK. This is exactly how you guys keep shooting yourselves in the face...
  5. Quality forum you got going on here Do I want to buy an iPhone? no Do I need a Center for Man and Woman Choice 9000 Caralluma? Don't think so?
  6. Indeed, a lot about the R35 has been learnt the hard way, and unfortunately those that have had issues and trying to resolve them in here have been faced with being beaten down by RB owners who have sought to relieve their own negative insecurities, rather than constructively supporting or assisting in resolution. There is also a lot of DIY going on in the R35 community here. For more complicated work, some choose "stealerships" and others choose select garages that know what they're doing. The DIY lessons learnt information is very much available and shared freely amongst ourselves, but not in here which is a real shame for SAU (and well RB owners who like to bash) - but technically speaking the discussion that goes on is between R35 owners and select R35 specialists outside of SAU is a massive win win for R35 owners I think where the US and AUS differs is not in the "class" of people, but in the fact the R35 is cheaper (allowing more modding & DIY after delivery) and more readily available at a reasonable price - and the RB community feel more at home beating down on their own kind rather than the R35 group. Also has to be said, the US GTR forums pretty much cover everything there is to DIY, so you wont find much replication of DIY threads on SAU - because the information already exists.
  7. And for the MODS, WHY THE F**K is this post still here? Does it not contravene the very rules to posting on this forum?????? Is this guy somehow SPECIAL and above the rules? You guys don't do yourselves any favours!
  8. Too little too late IMO. There will be new members coming here in the future, and for sure they will learn very quickly that they're not welcome and its over-run with RB owners. Anyone seeking information on any issues (for example when I was after info on bellhousing rattle) will be promptly told by RB owners the R35 is a piece of S**t and the laughing stock of the Godzilla series - like I was when I first came to this forum seeking information.
  9. Why do you care what Turbodam does? Does he affect your life in such a manner that it warrants you to make such a comment? Do you own an R35? Why are you even here?
  10. Why does it even matter? Do people have to live on the forums to be considered Awesome in your eyes????
  11. Seems the RB community use this forum more than the R35 owners LOL To fix the issue would be to have you banned from posting on the R35 forum. Do you own an R35? Why are you even here??? Some really quality people in here LOL. Have fun boys
  12. If solid discussion involves some 17yr old school kid asking for an R35 to get to a formal, its not good news for a forum like this. I think its a shame that the few have ruined it for the many. Members like Anfanee are classic forum abusers who get away with comments like the above and should be banned, and you guys as Mods should be taking better action to keep the comments on topic. Anyways. I have to admit this is the most I've been on this forum in 2 years.. Everyone needs a drama LOL
  13. See now the responses above are exactly why the R35 community has left this place for dead (refer Anfanee's response). There is no superiority complex amongst the R35 community. Its never been about a pi55ing match... We want to be able to talk about our cars without all the other bashing and hate that has come in the past... Sounds to me more like the R32/33/34 community has a chip on its shoulder and bucket loads of hate for R35 owners for some reason or another, and it begs me to ask why you guys even waste your time in here rather than spending time in your own specific threads. No offence but the mechanical differences between the 32/33/34 are massive compared to the R35 so I fail to see how the older gen owners can constructively contribute - another reason for the departure. Sure 90+ members (actual owners not fanbois or wannabees) doesn't sound much, but the wealth of information within those 90+ members is incredible and priceless. PranK, I think it is unfortunate the R35 section has gone to the birds.. With the R35 community being very well looked after elsewhere (ad free and no 32/33/34 community negativity), I really can't see anyone making an effort to revive this place..
  14. Kev, come join the R35 Life Oz community on Facebook mate. There's nothing in here that will help you mate
  15. Most of the R35 owners got fed up with the proverbial dribble that went on in the R35 section by certain members - and the general consensus was that there was no valuable information for us here anyways so we created our own private forum for discussion. We have over 90+ R35 members now, so anything here is pretty much irrelevant - which can be seen by the fact that most of the comments here are not actual R35 owners...
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