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  1. Bump. 02 Sensor, $50. Replace your old shitty one and get some decent mileage again.
  2. I remember just the other day we were discussing in another post about cars being stolen. Had just gone out this morning to fit up a HICAS lock bar and new oxygen sensor too. I barely even had the chance to drive it. Oh well, whats done is done. At least it was insured, now to find something else.
  3. The car was found this arvo written off and abandoned. Apparently the people who stole it must have fled in a hurry because they left a few items in the car.
  4. My car was stolen from out front of my cousins place in Middle Park. Black R32 GTS4, pretty stock looking with V35 alloys and a dirty big cannon. I was under the impression the battery was flat because I had left my lights on. I know it's unlikely that it will be found but please keep an eye out. It has Queensland plates on it, 477 STK so it can be indentified quite easy. Thanks for any help. Any info call police and/or myself 0409573571.
  5. Bought a HICAS lock bar from GK tech and NTK Oxygen sensor for my R32 Gts4 but the car was stolen this morning so I guess I wont be needing these. Both are brand new, in their packaging. HICAS Bar: $95 (was $110 brand new). O2 Sensor: $65 (was $77 brand new). Would rather a local buyer but can work out shipping at buyers expense. PM me or 0409573571.
  6. odessy

    Exhaust Shop

    Just not a big fan of specifying where I live, skylines seem to go missing too easy.
  7. odessy

    Exhaust Shop

    Thanks, South Melbourne is closest to me.
  8. odessy

    Exhaust Shop

    Lol, Ahh, the pleasures of the internet
  9. odessy

    Exhaust Shop

    Hello Vic! Just got my car down after moving from Queensland and the dirty big cannon the previous owner had on it has to go. Any recomdendations of a decent priced place to get the work done in the metro area? Just want to replace the tip to something not as loud/looks like it should be loaded with rockets in iraq. Cheers.
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