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  1. My R34 GT-T "pops" backfires mainly when cold if i accelerate hard then it happens as i decel. So i try to ease her in until she's warm. Doesn't happen when warm.
  2. Cool will the stock ic need to be replaced? I'll check out group buy section too
  3. Sorry, basically asking what cost and some places to get it done(melb or syd)
  4. Anyone had their stock R34 GT-T turbo reconditioned? Hi flowed, steel wheels bearings etc?
  5. yeah i was think of that one too. i guess you wonder how much power diff there would be though. also a big $$ diff.
  6. What do ppl think of these dump pipes? Has any one bought one? Is it easy to fit, any problems? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/FLYING-SKYLINE-RB20...1QQcmdZViewItem or http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NISSAN-SKYLINE-RB20...1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. Update - new battery fixed issue The old battery was original you would think it was a good idea to replace the old battery with a new one at compliance. Oh well, I glad it wasn't a major component.
  8. Hi All, I have a very intermittent (only happened twice) problem. About 6 weeks ago my R34 GT-T wouldn't start. It turned over but no ignition. The symptom was like I had no fuel (there was plenty). After continuously turning it over the battery went flat. I went down the local servo and got a battery from there and hooked it up and after turning it over and much spluttering it started. I hasn't missed a beat until today (hasn't been started since Friday). It didn't start straight away. I heard a few clicks from the engine and it turned over more than usual then ignition. I went for a drive without incident. It will no doubt start straight away in the morning. Usually it starts first pop after hardly turning the key. help and advice much appreciated. Update - as predicted, it did start first pop this morning and again at lunch time. Shrug!! Update - Car wouldn't start yesterday morning. Just lots of ticking when i turned the key. Called auto electrician and they said "the battery is flat" Called RACT and confirmed flat battery. When down local servo and bought a new one.
  9. It's called a Boot lock retaining clip. I bought one from Nissan parts for $6 - It's the same one in the S15 Silvia. Open boot, take panel off and clips in place holding lock cylinder firm.
  10. Hi, This may have been covered before but is it easy to replace the headlight bulbs? Specifically the xenon bulbs. My left one is out. I checked the fuse and it is OK. Has anyone tried the Philips Vision Plus Performance Globes? Cheers
  11. Hi, My boot lock is loose. I took the back boot panel off. There doesn't seem to be anything holding it in place. Any ideas on what is usually there holding it in place? Cheers
  12. Great, thanks. also found this site. http://www.r34gtt.net/r34start.html Technical Help Owners "how-too's"
  13. Hi, i want to fit a new headunit and lcd into my R34 GT-T. Is there anything I need to know about removing the plastic surround piece. Cheers
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