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  1. Be good to catch up,finally got my new suspension in and it feels so good,cant wait to hit the track,cars looking a bit lower too.
  2. Have paid,see you there.if anyone wants to come for a ride letme know,got empty passenger seat.
  3. make that four now mike,thanks
  4. Ill be there,be 3 of us,need to get car out.
  5. well done mike for putting on another great morning,the pussies dont know what theyre missing,was a pretty good mix of cars as well.
  6. sau members need to take a long hard look in the mirror and instead of putting down other makes,models and clubs look at how they are actually f**king this club by being ignorant and not supporting the club through events put on for your benefit,get your cars out of the garage and f**kn use them, otherwise f**k off,im so sick of the bullshit,you either want to be part of something great,or f**k off,its simple,dont complain when the clubs gone if you never supported it in the first place.sorry if this offends but its how i feel.
  7. well i did mention that this might happen last year when hardly any members attended events that the club put on.I personally like to be part of a club,i do attend events put on by other facebook clubs and car clubs just to mix with other car lovers,but theres nothing like belonging to sau qld. Unfortunately to many members like the fact that theyre in a club,but dont support the club,by not going to club events put on for members it will kill off this sector of sau.Not progress in my option. I hope this doesnt happen.
  8. good to see you all again,was great to have a cruise down my way,enjoyable drive even with my stuffed shocks.
  9. welcome to my world,every event i go to is between 1-1.5 hrs drive,but im in my car so the more time the better.
  10. was a long day,but so much fun,started with no control but ended looking pretty good,thanks to everyone who turned up,was so good to see you all.The day had everything going on,but wont give anything away as theres some footage on the way,look forward to seeing it.
  11. i was thinking that mine was blowing flames,now i know,part of ants club now,flame on
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