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  1. I believe all you need to do is go into the RTA and pay for the transfer of registration. hundred bucks or so i think
  2. Spotted a Silver clean GTR on the Driftway near Londonderry. Was in my Skyline had a nice breif Salute and carried on. GTR-0 something or other (black over white)
  3. Item: R32 Number plate ( Black on Yellow background) Location:West sydney Item Condition:Great Reason for Selling: No use for them as car is being sold. Price and Payment Conditions:$800 Quick Sale Extra Info:comes with 1 year fee already paid Contact Details:0402703242
  4. Bump. Still for sale Currently one of the best ECU's around , can be used as a piggy back or stand alone. BD4's in NSW tunes these, dont know about other states.
  5. Item:HKS Fcon V Pro ECU Location: Richmond , NSW Item Condition:Good Reason for Selling:no need for it anymore, no car Price and Payment Conditions:COD, or meet up with $450 ono Extra Info: Comes with wiring loom to suit RB20 with R33 turbo (Simple retune for other setups) Contact Details:0402 703242 or bizzr@optusnet.com.au or danoddsta@hotmail.com
  6. SOMEONE BUY THIS CAR!!! ITS A BLOODY FIND I TELL YAZ! engine is perfect and car is just as good. I cant believe its still up Hope u sell it dan
  7. Spotted "DHC" Black R34 , Yesturday arvo in my local area goin down George st Windsor. Wondering WTF he doin round here . Was in my fully sick 1.8l Corolla auto. So you wouldnt of noticed me
  8. I have had my neighbour complain to me . He came up to me one day after work and politely asked me why the car has to be running after i get out of the car . I kindly explained to him the physics of Metalergy , and what happens to a turbo if its stopped suddenly. He then asked if it was nessasary to have it running at all hours of the night when i come home late (12am-6am) on weekends. I said to him i will drive the car slowly a few kms away from my house ( meaning under boost ; 1500-2500 rpm) and when i get home i will turn it straight off ,so as not to wake every1 in my street up with my idle. My neighbour works for the RTA too. Since then its been sweet, I have turned it off when i come home late and he seems happy. To bad for you that they are doin such actions to you man, I would honestly go around each of ur neighbours and ask them if they have any issues with you and your car ? Do you know whos complaining?
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