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  1. After long break as usual ))) Tial 38mm gate, AEM Wideband Failsafe Gauge installed.Ecu will be Nistune. DBA brake disks, Hawk pads. Motorbay As always comments are much welcome.
  2. Finally i'm getting car from paintshop. All rust was expelled, door sills was rebuilded with 3,6 mm thick metal. About colour, i found amaizing guy, god of mixing, base was toyota 077 colour, he managed to 100% satisfy me. 077 is rather warm, much yellow pigment makes it look like ivory, we managed to get cold pearl colour without any blink of yellow and blue shade, green and crimson purple grain, sunk deep into base by special method of coating , big amount of black pigment made car look almost polished aluminium at some angle of view. For now the only thing to do is to install bodykit. I decided to install kinugawa 3076 modifyed turbo.
  3. Hola Amigos ! I have opportunity to buy ATS twin plate carbon clutch, but saler dont know exactly what product he has, the only information i have, it is from gtr. How can I identify it ? Disks of 3,6 and 3,4 mm thick.
  4. Finally I've reached the point, disassembling, followed repainting and resurrection of the body. inception boot The main pain are door sills, as it's impossible to find door sills in decent condition in Russia atm, I decided to cut all rustjunk and wield them, changing rusted areas for new metal, creating new ones piece by piece, certainly making them much stronger than they were before.The same way I'll do to the hood ridges. Also i've managed to find almost new original nismo front lip and nismo r-tune sidesсirts. Which was aproved by strict authenticity control =) Also I've managed to procure 3 sets wheel nuts made from titan, the famous Mill Spec Grade 5 titan is BT14, this is BT20 material. produced by one of russian military plants, I do believe its strongest you can by for money, i have 2 spare sets, if anybody want them, pm me, price due to our currency rate is decent for this. 1st The secont set, cones are removable. the third set removable cones. to be continued.
  5. Hi, nice to hear, you interested in Russia's history, I'll certainly try, cheers !
  6. OMG Maaan ! You must contacted me, I'd have shown you the city ! )
  7. Finally, I am ready to strip car to the bones (including windshields), get rid of every rust spot and paint whole car, i think about Lexus white pearl - 077, does anybody have experience of painting Bcnr33 in that colour ? Upd : Colour is called "Starfire Pearl" Starfire Pearl on the left.
  8. Thanks Josh ! Sure, all tune will be conducted by tuner. i'm wondering - should i make adjustments afterwards, depending on weather conditions ? Pics are compulsory !)))
  9. There are many life situations, so i abandoned my blog here for some extent period. To begin with, i was on the verge of selling my car, but, thank God it didn't happen...and i continue. Having looked in my pocket i got that only ECU i can afford for that sum of money is APEXi Power Fc. As friend of mine said "the best ECU is, you local tuner can handle." I bought ECU and commander, for tune i need dataloggit also, so i have a question - should i buy it to tune whenever i need or just lend it for tune and do furthermore adjustments by commander ? Also i aggregate lots of small things like gaskets,belts, shims,sensors like EGT, oil temp, etc. My woman will get my arse burned and kick me out of home - because i spent alotta money Quality control ! Passed !
  10. Hi dudes. I've got things to sale (e.g Nismo LM Gt rims), the problem - I'm here in Russia, can anybody get me a clue of best way to deliver to Australia ?
  11. Its GT35 range, chinese again =( twinscroll, journal bearing (it is said that journal are more reliable) turbo with 1,32 ; 0,70 AR.
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