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  1. Hay guy I've got a r33 s1 hood an front bar has scratches an a few cracks with blinkers an with reo cause off a white 33 $300 for the lot Or make me an offer
  2. Hay skudr33 were did u get ur head done and how much did it cost you?
  3. I live in ryde, I've had quots for 3000 grand jus wonna see if there is anything cheaper I don't mind traveling around Sydney to. Plz help guys
  4. I live in ryde. We're did u get urs done humbla?
  5. In Sydney (ryde area would me great)
  6. Hay guys I've got a valve stem seal leak just wondering if anyone can help me find a good mechanic who can do the job with out been over priced ? Thanks
  7. Hay guys any one got r33s2 headlights they whant so sell me ?
  8. Hay guy anyone hav a r33 s2 front bar an reo for sale ? Thanks
  9. Yeh hoses thanks man 15mm it is That's good much
  10. There are 2 types one is 9mm an the other is 15mm wat is the better one to get ?
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