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  1. Seriously no one here has been there recently ????
  2. Any more current info on this ?
  3. I didnt envisage for a second that this thread would turn into this :-o
  4. Might sound dumb and coming from na v8s it may not apply . Surely it doesnt matter if boost starts at x rpm ... it the engine spins that hard? I had a ford 5.4 lightened alot of the driveline and underdrove ancillaries. And that used to just throw revs down. Surely a freely spinning driveline negates lag..
  5. Oh hand bags are out again. Joey and xgtrx are you lads ex's or what... can you stop hijacking the thread with your petty bullshit its boring
  6. Or another idea . Stroker vs serious head work
  7. Well thst was a can o worms
  8. Proably shouldnt tell you i plan on building this myself then
  9. Power level: probably 400kw but thats over years!!!! and still responsive. Street only ( that said I dont mind certain parts that would be a pain on the street ) Budget: well it not really a thing. I mean i don't want to go over the top. But its over years so I think the actual dollar value will be hard to actually idenify. driving style.... lights to light but I do love the "natural chicanes" and look at google maps and look at the Adelaide hills
  10. Im pretty much done and wont take sides but... Do either of you have a 28 or a fully built 26.... Just a thought ?
  11. Mate seriously you sound like a petulant child. ....but mummy timmy didnt agree with me.....look look everyone hes wrong snd im right....... Not trying to a be a dick or harsh nor am i as the op trying to rule a thread. But i asked for their opinions and your being unnecessarily offensive.I asked for their opinion and their input. What i havent asked for is your opinion on their opinion. Just stop mate. Ive said heaps of times make your point without sledging
  12. Oi champo. See solid post mate just cut the last and first sentence and your sweet. ....valium? Your making solid point... just wind your neck in son
  13. XGTRX Can you just stop commenting ... Like seriously.It's hard to appreciate a good comment when you vome in calling people retards etc. Like really. It just doesnt set up a solid enviroment for those interested. Go trawl through ford forums and look at the way people talk to each other. As soon as you chime in like that no one is listening. Dont mean to be harsh but its just not positive especially when most are being modest.
  14. ^^^^^^^ this is how folks should post ^^^^^^^^