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  1. ok it seems everyone wants a 5sp but no-one is willing to chase up freight. Soooo, I will organise freight. If your genuinely interested let me know your address and i can organise delivery to your door. YOU PAY FREIGHT
  2. To everyone who has asked for me to chase up shipping. I am more than happy to send the thing but you must organise freight. At the moment i am too busy. Its a cheap box, if you really want it spend some time on the phone!
  3. k43 I have what is listed above champ, cant help you with anything else to do with a conversion. azzurra couldnt tell you exactly what is done. I drove my car into the shop and asked them to recondition my 5sp. When it was taken from the car it was running perfectly. As youd expect after thrwoing a grand at it. There was nothing wrong with it before the reco. I had the money at the time and wanted a fresh reliable box to go behind the motor i was building. Tim
  4. new front mount IC BOV fuel reg cleaned and flow tested injectors-0kms on inlet manifold complete with injectors boost controller all i can think of off the top of my head. Tweed Coast
  5. http://www.horsepowerinabox.com/HPIAB2/prod58.htm thats the one. I have a feeling it wont handle 300rwkw for long. With that sort of power id be looking into a twin plate. I bought it with the intention to hold 200rwkw. i remember that figure was within this clutches limit but i cant remember by how much. tim
  6. Hi mate. Not sure will have to look around. I bought it from horsepowerinabox.com.au ill have a look.
  7. evening all Its been quite a while since ive played with my 280zx that had an rb20det. But ive still got some gear sitting around that im sick of looking at. so saying that i dont mind getting rid of it cheap. No pics as yet. If theres serious interest ill russtle some up. heres some of the gear i need gone. Reconditioned r32 gtst 5sp......................... Cost me 1400 including labour to put in my car. so recon alone cost about 1000. have receipts somewhere. Car was taken off the road not long after so less that 2000ks on box. I feel $350 is a pretty fair asking price..Comes with shifter and servo. New Xtreme ceramic 5 puck button clutch/thrust bearing. and machined 32gtst flywheel.................... 0 kms on both.- want $250. Reconditioned rb20det head.......................... Comes complete with everything, ready to bolt on. once again 0kms on this head. Recon cost me $300. Have receipt. sell for $270. Will also throw in a VRS kit missing a few gaskets but mostly all there and a set of rb20det polished rocker and spark plug covers. I live on the north coast of NSW. Your welcome to pick up or i will happily send it. You pay postage and do the running around. Please dont waste my time with stupid offers. can PM me or email me at staramarx@bigpond.com.au cheers Tim
  8. Thats gonna be hard to find mate. Why dont you buy a run of the mill cooler with matching end tanks, buy a 180 degree alloy bend and have it welded. Or held by hose and clamps
  9. Timd

    Rb20det Gearbox

    ive got a recond 5sp. pm me if your interested Tim
  10. ive got polished rockers and plug cover if your still interested
  11. ive got a recond 5sp if your still interested
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