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  1. ahh awesome that helps a lot guys! I'd be able to get a mount from most places for that wouldn't I? I was in pedders yesterday and they had listings of gearbox mounts for all kinds of things. Just while we're sorta on rubbers, the bushes in my rear subframe are buggered, I'm going to get some pineapples from whiteline or something to just space up the gap, have you guys had this problem too? Apparently theres a guy in new zealand making bushes for them but I don't have any more details. Rob
  2. i'd rather have a little air/water I think. I've seen a price for one of those guys somewhere, but stuffed if I can remember where! Going to have to look it up now.. shouldn't be too expensive surely!
  3. I've been sort of considering using one of them on my DR, by big difference what do you mean? reckon it's worth it form a budgetry point of view? Thanks. Rob
  4. hey guys, Can anyone confirm whether the rear 'box mount on a datsun 240k is the same as an '83 dr30 w/fj20? my rubbers torn.. and I can get one ex japan, but I'd rather get one locally. the mr30 on is different. Thanks Rob
  5. niiice. yeah i'll definately be looking into that I think. much easier then going through a big bucket of them which was my next option
  6. oh wow thats awesome!!!! ok.. a visitin the wrecker I shall be!!! thanks!!!!
  7. they don't f**k the threads or anything? hmm... might have to go back to that wrecker
  8. they don't f**k the threads or anything? hmm... might have to go back to that wrecker
  9. aren't they a 1.5 mm thread pitch instead of the 1.25 of the skylines? but yeah I saw some today and they looked just right!!!
  10. yeah.. nissan don't stock them any more, I'm going to go to a wrecker and go through boxes of wheel nuts.. just can't get them anywhere. the 5mm longer studs might mean a normal tapered nut can get s grip on the bastard though. and if they go straight in then brilliant. pity they're $8 each or something
  11. As said in the topic.. not the iron mask model, 82/3 model.
  12. hey what are they on at the moment? the car that is. oh sorry don't worry just looked at the piccies and they're 5 stud. Sorry can't help. Thanks
  13. s13 200sx studs I assume you mean? ahhh cool my biggest problem at the moment is getting wheelnuts for the trx wheels
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