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  1. Wow, SAU has a euro section now? Here's mine. It used to be a very comfortable cruiser, but because race car.
  2. Selling my Honda Accord Euro 09 Manual 115000km Serviced in October Rego renewed in Nov Had some new tyres replaced. Never had any problem within my 2 years of ownership. Located in Seven Hills $12,500 Please call/txt/email if interested. If I don't pick up, leave a text or email and I'll get back to you. 0410172420 jameszhao19@gmail.com Thanks all James
  3. number's 0410172420 if I don't answer, then please leave a txt msg. Thanks
  4. I have a Honda Accord Euro for sale 29000 km Automatic 18" Wheels Parking Sensors Leather interior Located in the Hills area $27,000 Negotiable but please keep it reasonable
  5. I've got a r33 gtst stock air box for sale $20 Sydney West
  6. Education standards in the US must be REALLY slipping.
  7. LOL well this thread brought back some memories.............can't believe it's been 5 years.
  8. RWC I have no idea sorry. Im in Sydney, so pretty far from the border.
  9. I'm finally getting around to putting up an ad for this. I'm getting a little too old for driving around this on a daily basis. 1996 R33 Skyline GTSt 145 000km - Manual Silver 18" Wheels will have some new tyres on soon Bilstein suspensions all around. Just got serviced Kept in a reasonably stock condition (engine wise) for the last 7 years. Very basic mods - intercooler, SAFC Externally a little rough but, that's just my fault for wanting to install and paint everything on my own but not really having the right tools to work with. The front bar has been mended many many times over but due to silly driveways, they always get scraped, and eventually come loose. Tried to match the colors to the original body, bought the same coded paint three times, use it all up and they still didn't match, so I kind of gave up after that. Engine has been running great for the last 7 years. Will throw in a genuine R33 GTR wing and even order you a new non geunie front bar if you want. Will also throw in some gauges I've had sitting around for the last 5 years but never got around to installing. It has done a few trackdays, but that was years ago. It has since been on daily driver duty for the last 4 years. Not quite sure what price to go for, so I'll set it at $7000, I'll adjust accordingly when I have time to compare everyone else's ads. Otherwise feel free to make a REASONABLE offer. I'm selling the car, not giving it away for free. As I do drive and need this car on a daily basis for work, I will not be entertaining professional weekend tyre kickers. I'll go so far as to say, no test drives unless you want to leave a deposit down in case of damages. I'd like to avoid the awkward "you broke the car while test driving!!" "no i didn't" situation as I have far better things to do that dealing with that nonsense. please pm if intersted.
  10. Hi all, I have an iPad one for sale. 64 gig, 3g wifi etc etc. Had it for a year and a bit, can't find much use for it. It's been in it's fake leather wallet since the first day I got it, it's never been out so, absolutely no scratches or any damages. Screen has screen protector since it's first day. Has original box, please PM if intrested. $500 + postage. James
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