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  1. Welcome to the ranks of the ancient ones
  2. Running FAST on D: drive under win2k, FAST itself works well, but Parts Master gives me a "CD PLAYER ERROR" when I try to look up something. Files A1-B2 are on five directories in the form D:NISSANCDA1. Anyone know what could be wrong?
  3. Do they attach the same way, or does the bootlid need to be redrilled or otherwise modified when swapping?
  4. Definition of a GT car was quite broad back in the day, basically any car that would've been considered a sports car, but had a fixed roof, was considered a GT car - even something like the Lotus Elite, I don't think I'd want to tour in that!
  5. One of the guys on GTRC found these two: http://www.king-buyer.co.jp/details.php?carid=1762 http://www.king-buyer.co.jp/details.php?carid=1358 Combine them and see what you get
  6. What are maintenance costs like on them, more like GTS-t or more like GT-R?
  7. Well I must have goofed that up somehow cos I did it again and she runs like a charm now Cheers
  8. I did this with the exception that the folder I put it in was d:WINNT. Maybe I should try making a "WINDOWS" directory?
  9. Just switched my comp to win2k . . . installed FAST, installed fine, won't run. Oddly enough it seems to have installed the program files BOTH under d:nissancdnissan and under d:program filesnissan. Would someone with win2k or XP be so kind as to post their directory structure for the program files?
  10. Does anyone know the cD and frontal area for the R32 GTS-t?
  11. What are the fifth gear (and fourth for the auto) and axle ratios of the R32 GTS-4? and the GTS-t?
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