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  1. wait u saying its running stock boost then why he says the ecu is stuffing up then
  2. thanks mate. i will take out the boost controller sorry for f**king with your time then! for later on just put a new ecu for higher boost . but to be honest it doesn't feel like it hitting 14 psi but some days it running fine
  3. i knew that mate. so whats the problem since you know what it would be
  4. what now ben ??? mate i am just new into this gtt area!!! i have been doing a bit of research was faster just to make a post
  5. wtf the dam computer posted my comment when i wasn't finished. what it was meant to say the boost garage was hitting over 1kg/cm on the stock garage then my boost garage was geting over 1.27kg/cm i am not sure if it meant to go that high ???? . oh k well for plugs i have (PFR6G-11)
  6. gavin when its below 4000 rpm its fine. i think ben maybe right the is something making more boost or a leak. but a month ago when i taken it for a drive the boost garage was hitting over 1k..
  7. i think it might be turbo. that's making it jump. when it hits 5000 plus it boost cuts in and out. but your thinking the coil??
  8. so your thinking its boost oscillation. yes it does have a boost gauge but it is off never on. well the spark plugs are really dark and having rust all over it as well. thanks mate ya i have a look today then. the car has only done 88000ks. plus it sit for over 3 years. but when the car has been running for a long time it does clear up a little
  9. sorry mate but a had look!. new on this alright. and no i am not running 10psi. its running stock .also stock ecu next thing the plugs gone. it doesn't back firer it just stopping boost and jumping
  10. hello i have a few problems with my Nissan skyline r34 gtt. when its under boost around 4600 rpm to 6000 rpm it is jumping around and kicks in and out. now i just check the spark plugs and they look stuff when they only not even 500ks old. has been tracked once and that's all. i just wondering if i could get some help out here. .
  11. thanks. so they have made to make it faster but its a bad i dear. so how will it run? without the resistor thanks
  12. also if i do take out the resistor will it stuff up the thermostat.
  13. hello i have a problem with my skyline r34 gtt 2 door. The thermostat wasn't even plugged into the thermostat temperature plug. But the car runs fine. But my other skyline r34 4 door doesn't have the resistor on the same plug, Should i take out the resistor or should i leave it in there doesn't look like it was meant to be in there. If anyone can help me out please email me or can look up me on facebook. Thanks Aaron
  14. wounderz


    hey man where did you get your arc from ?
  15. wounderz

    my skyline r34s

    racing photos also just some random ones :)
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