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  1. I'd suggest replacing the kit hoses with some PrimoChill/ Flex 1/2" ones, they're softer and easier to remove. Did one of my builds using XSPC's 3/8" kit tubing and even with 3/8" compression fittings removing them was near darn impossible.
  2. Besides camera gear, I got several Crucial M4 SSD's from B&H last year for cheap. So, might want to check out if they have any others on your list or equivalent...helps if you purchase a couple items to spread the shipping costs. Although, their CPU's tend to cost more. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/845681-REG/Samsung_MZ_7PC256B_WW_256GB_SSD_830_SERIES_INTERNAL.html Postage usually takes 6 days (to SA) with the cheaper UPS option.
  3. Drag Racer: Perfect Shift is ok but, Pro Tuner is the more refined version of the Drag Racer games Have you tried Star Defense? it's extremely addictive, has 3D worlds and was just designed to be played on multi-touch phones
  4. Have a VIP pass for both days so bit of a waste I know but my Mexican friend she'll be joining me and Fri is the only day I can show her around Syd - doing ship cruise, heliroflcopter ride and strip joints...still not as EPIC as being at Superlap though. Well looking forward to seeing them in action and catching up with ya. *fingers crossed* it's only a sprinkle of rain for the wkend. BTW do you know if NATSOFT will be updating times during the course of the day?
  5. I'll be sure to drop by the control tower to say 'Hi' Jess will give you a call when I get there Will be arriving Fri morning but, unfortunately only be at EC on the Satday.
  6. I have a Samsung 2443BW which is 16:10 and is still listed on PCCG, but they are phasing out. Yeah, if going single screen a 24" or 1920x1200 (/1080) res should be your minimum for that GPU. Otherwise the ATi HD5850 will more than suffice.
  7. Yeah, you can claim the depreciation on it at the converted $AU price on date of purch. Also, for those running a business they can claim the investment allowance tax break for plant purchased overseas, provided they meet the basic criteria.
  8. I'll prob wait for the HD5890 to be released before I decide which DX11 card to get, in the mean time I'm going to crossfire the 4870. There's no vast improvement upgrading your card for GTA IV, check out the GPU benchmark results. To date it's prob the worst port ever made for the PC, and it's more CPU reliant than GPU. What's your video settings for Borderlands and frame rate (w/ fraps)?
  9. He's just spamming through to get his post count up to PM
  10. FYI: Provided your dad's work turnover is less than $2million the tax break is 50% if purch before 31 Dec '09 then reduces to 30% there after till the end of next year. So, if that's any help in bumping up your budget to ~$2K, than it could be feasible for said workstation and with Quadro card. The other option if your IT litereate you could soft mod a gaming GPU to emulate the equivalent workstation card but afaik there's only a select few cards that have been successful (eg. Nvidia 8800 series).
  11. With the exception of the case, reads as a nice build especially for O/C
  12. Did you manage to locate all 45 intel laptops?Seen a couple amusing things in multi - first someone taken out by their own care package crate and secondly a whole team with riot shields managed to round-up 3 players and batter them
  13. Like with L4D on steam it was only a matter of time before someone coded up a > dedicated server hack for MW2 <
  14. Here's some more updates on what to expect from the game > MW2 - source <. Looking forward to using the AC-130 on you all and hopefully one of the unlockable perks is my 'spamnades'
  15. Have you updated to the latest browser versions? In some older versions of IE6/7 & FF 2.xx, I experienced the occasional memory leak.
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