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  1. Yeah mines a manual, found out it was the ignition switch fuse that kept blowing - checked and one of the wires from my boost gauge that was installed was grounding, so off to repco to get some more 30a fuses and run it on the diagnostic scanner to check to see if there are any more faults thanks for the help
  2. Hey guys, I went to start my car after the gym and it wouldnt fire.I thought maybe it could be the immobiliser (AVS S4/S5) but I noticed the blue led light wasnt on or flashing so then I presumed it was a flat battery....apparently not :-( I tried resetting my alarm and tried my spare remote key with no luck. My headlights go on but when I go to turn it over it doesnt crank or anything?! I didnt check the fuses at this stage as I didnt have a torch on me. The towey showed up and began to do the same checks I did and in the process he blew a couple of my fuses....what a dick......he said its a wiring issue but he didnt seem to know what he was doing and was pissed off cause he was having trouble putting my car on the truck cause its so low and it was past midnight. I drove it to the gym an hour before hand so Im not sure why it didnt start? I read a couple of other posts suggesting it could be the battery in my remote which isnt turning off the immobiliser or the fuses....any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
  3. From Tauranga, my baby is a R34 GT RB25det ;-P
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