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  1. There's a guy in Sydney Leo, he does them, his email is [email protected] if you haven't already found someone.
  2. Last week I found that I had a leaking front strut, Gavin from Road and Track in Sydney, posted one up and paid for my mechanic to fit it. Now that's service with a smile.
  3. Drive it up onto a 4 x 4 block of timber. You will be able to roll a trolley jack under and jack it up easier. Do the reverse to get the jack out.
  4. Great news, I know if you do it for a living it is harder to share but, passing some of the know how is great. Good to see some nice people out there still.
  5. Hi Everyone, I was only making a comment, yes I know Chris knows all the knowledge from years of experience. But still it would be nice to have it done cheaper. I mention the cost was a rip off, not that they were a rip off. Yes it also would be great to have everything done for free, it can't everyone needs to make the $$$$ for doing what they know best. Sorry to cause a confusion, remember it's a free world to make comments, everyone makes them, some make them before they think. Some comments hurt peoples feelings, but in the end they are only comments. There is a saying (sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will/should never hurt me) The cars are still great, even in Japanese there still great value for money. Have a great day to all. Sorry for writing what I felt. Cheers,
  6. To certify K's is with the full log book service history showing K's on each service from the 1st purchase date. Also when the car is registered for the 1st time it will show K's and each year when the renewal of rego it shows the K's every time. JEVIC is the company that certifies odometers and supplies a certificate of authenticity, when it's true and correct. http://www.jevic.com/services/vehicle-maritime-inspections/odometer-verification. This is what my car came with. Also I would love to see what would really happen if you put the V36 SP againts any bike, I don't think the 600 would beat it to the 100k's p/h. It would be great to see.
  7. Wrong answer, You didn't see me mentioning name or where exact location these prices came from, but you just did. Forums are for sharing knowledge, information and now how. If people just want the NAV working you should just supply the work people ask for. If they want it all they can pay for it, if they just want the NAV working you should give them what they want. There are heaps of cars out there and there a heaps more coming. Just the same way you learnt how to do this you should pass it on to who ever wants to learn. There is plenty of cars to go around for everyone to make an earn if they are in the audio electrical retails servicing business. You should know not all will want to take it on, also people will inform where the best place is to go. Sharing is receiving what you know and it comes back to you in double always. Don't get upset on what people say on a forum as this is what forums are for. If you know what you know, pass it on, if you don't people will wonder, why???? It may just not cost what you are charging, HEY? Just the way you found out, others will also. I don't want to make money on this idea..... I want to save money having someone doing it on my own car for me. I'm in a totally different business, so it won't affect you. You should charge to teach people how to do this in other states of the country, we are Aussies, we share knowledge and know how. Imagine if you set up a classroom to teach other audio service centers how to do this, you would make money and be the talk of the nation. WOW these guys are really nice to share, not keeping it to yourself. What goes around comes around. Please understand where we guys come from that own these cars, a lot of the cars are only a little bit more than what you want to charge. Let the client buy the parts and you fit them, you still make money and everyone is happy. I bet you would get more business do this if you share. Sharing is expanding. Have a great day. ALL REPLIES ARE WELCOME. LETS ALL HAVE A SAY???? Cheers.
  8. You might be able to find one through these guys. http://www.sinergymotorsports.com.au/cart/products-page/nissan-skyline-v35
  9. Just to let everyone know, if you are going to buy a Nissan Skyline or other up market car, the best option is Road & Road and Track Australia. I purchased my Nissan Skyline V36 SP 2006 Sedan of them, I only seen it in photos and I live on the Sunshine Coast QLD and they are in Sydney. Gavin walked me through his web site over the phone and BAM, WOW I purchased the car of him and man did I get what I wanted, NO I got even MORE, what a car, unbelievable value for money. They were the only ones that could show and guarantee the K's on the car. I tried others and when I mentioned about providing proof of K's NO ONE answered back, only GAvin from Road and Track in Sydney. I couldn't even dream the type of car I received from them and they sent it to me in QLD, I picked it up yesterday. I nearly wet my pants with excitement, amazing, the smell of leather just like a brand new can with 50000K's you would pick it, its just like a new car in and out, goes like a rocket, just like a 1100cc road bike, I think it would leave the bike behind. No wonder they don't allow P plate's drive the car. they would kill them selves on the fist corner. So if you want a car buy it from Gavin. NO MATTER where you live you will receive better than you expected. Just look at the types of cars he provides for people like us. A1+++++. Don't be a foll and buy else where, you are mad if you do. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO Gavin thanks heaps. Your the MAN.
  10. Hey Guys, It's a rip off as they want to charge so much for this. In Brisbane it's 12 grand for a full conversion on a V36 with Sat Nav, if no sat nav it's 3 grand, still a lot. It not really the work that it takes, it the know how on what buttons to press. there charging like a wounded bull. If they made it cheaper they would have more jobs done as everyone would rush in. I'm looking around and I will find a cheaper option. Wish me luck.
  11. Today I pickup my beast and I will let you know the outcome of the lights as I will also be seeing my mechanic about these halo ring? I will add a photo of my car for everyone to see. Thanks for all the feed back, unreal forum.
  12. Hi everyone, Does anyone know where to get after market head lights for V36 Nissan Skyline SP model. Head lights that are similar to the BMW Look see link. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=OnlB0jU-wJuPDM&tbnid=TQuSC2__D2u-lM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.autoblog.com%2Fphotos%2Fbmw-vision-connecteddrive-0%2F&ei=8YnFU9-4PMOGkQXF5oH4Cw&bvm=bv.71126742,d.dGI&psig=AFQjCNHaiWXqWR0ybAzNKUsE0m8yW4_zRQ&ust=1405541093582033 And they have day time driving illumination. Any help would be great>
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