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  1. 18x8 +30 5x114.3 clears brembos Yokohama es100 95%+ 225/45 245/45 some marks on them $800 shipped (tyres alone worth that much)
  2. Advan trispokes 17" x 7.5/8 +31 offset 5x114.3 clears 4 pots Light and strong no tyres $400 Located in Perth got a quote to send them to QLD and it came to $120 (just the bare rims, not worth freighting the tyres too) so not that expensive to send. anyone interested let me know cheers
  3. as you said yourself, you dont know anything about this radiator therefore why comment on it at all? like cameron says theres no point comparing the cheap china crap to this radiator cheers
  4. GTRBOS: how is it pricey when i havent even put a price up? i paid 1000 for it a few years ago and as i dont know what theyre worth these days(if the price is still same or has dropped..etc) i put "make an offer". keep dreaming if you think im going to sell it for anywhere near those ebay ones though. furthermore, its pwr and therefore quality, unlike your mass produced china ebay shit which your comparing it to and no im not interested in swapping because: 1. i have no use for a standard gtr radiator, 2. i dont live in melb and 3. i have no use for a standard gtr radiator perhaps sell your std gtr rad and gather up some cash and make me an offer Price is now set at $800 no lowballers, tyrekickers, dreamers or swaps cheers
  5. Item:pwr 55mm radiator Age:new Condition:new Price:paid $1000. make an offer To Fit: (What car) R32 gtr Location: perth wa Contact: pm Comments: fat f**ker 55mm thick PWR213 is stamped on the core Paid $1000 make an offer
  6. yeah have contacted quite a few workshops just seeing what else is out there or if anyone wants to do a cashy
  7. Need someone with experience to install an r32 gtr motor/gbox and associated shit from a half cut into a r32 gtr the car has no motor,gearbox and therefore needs these plus other stuff swapped over dont mind having the work done at the place where it is stored.(under cover, flat concrete and already has engine crane there) OR can get the car and halfcut transported to your workshop. Would like this done asap cash waiting cheers
  8. Item:blitz bov Age:unknown Condition:unknown Price:$100 firm To Fit: universal Location: nor perth, wa Contact: pm me Comments: bought it 2nd hand, have not used it since. does not come with adaptor
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