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  1. R34 gtr vspec 30/26 Gt2860-5 272 cams Ported head fully rebuilt 1mm oversized valves. 412kw atw 19psi It has 200kw atw at 3500rpm
  2. martyr34gtr

    Will be interesting tone see your dyno when your finished and compare. I ended up getting choosing -5 turbos aND also going for a rips forged rb30 as he only lives 30mins up the road from me. We are currently just fitting some custom oil and water lines to the motor before we put the motor back in the car in the next few days. Dynos on the 21st of November
  3. martyr34gtr

    R34 GTR rb30/26 turbo selection Hey I'm currently in the process of my 26 getting pulled out of my r34 gtr vspec as the block has cracked between 3 and 4 cylinders. Ive decided to go to a rb30 now with my 26 head. The head is getting redone with all the goodies to handle some good power and the block is getting forged rods and piston. I'm going to use the standard twin turbo setup and inlet plenum as I want the engine bay to look standard. Now I've got all the motor plan sorted out I'm trying to decide my turbo selection. I want really good response and mid to top end power. I'm deciding between the garret -5 or -10 my goal is 450kw Atw
  4. 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Vspec Forged bottom end R34 turbos rebuilt with gt2860-7 cores 660cc injectors Weldina NE-1 Exhaust Link g4 plug in ecu 19psi BP 98 332kws atw 516nms atw
  5. martyr34gtr

    hey can you run my 1999 nissan skyline r34 gtr vin to check if its a vspec BNR34-002933 GGJPRWYR34ZDAABKED