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  1. Yea it looks like my best bet is going to be just doing it at a track day or something. No way I would want to privately hire a straight part of the bend, just any track day tickets alone cost an arm and a leg lol Haha, I may or may not have done this several times already lol But, yeah i need a large road because I am testing my cars launching stability issues, its been sending me violently sideways, so its a bit dangerous to do on the streets. The reason why i prefer to go somewhere more suited like a track or something, but was hoping it was more private then a track day with many other people.
  2. No, all the drag strips have been closed here for over 1 yr and it still looks like its a long way away till any open up.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a place in Adelaide that we can hire out to legally test our veichle at high speed in a straight line. Just want to do some testing and diagnosing on the car. I was thinking a small airport may allow it? I have heard of in the past that Regency would get you to hire out such a place for vehicle stability testing and brake testing. I am unsure where that is and if the public can hire it for their own pruposes.
  4. Well the new Q60 RS is a different motor all together. Uses a VR30DETT engine, they moved away from the VQ37. Unfortunately Nissan has not adopted that engine yet in any of their veichles although SEMA has converted one of their Nissan 370Zs to this new VR motor. TT setup is not cheap at all. If you go via the RevZone or CRD package, they have a walk in walk out price of roughly $16K. But that does not include any supporting mods, you want reliability and safety you will be adding, oil coolers, exhaust system, fuel system, injectors/pump, maybe upgrade radiator, clutch if manual, trans cooler if auto. Possibly alot more like I did. SC is much cheaper, but not as potent as the TT builds going around.
  5. Very nice, is that with the VQ37 or the new VR30DETT infiniti Q60? Is it Stillen+A2A kit or is that with a turbo kit? Could you give me a link to it, I would love to see more deets, where he had it built/tuned etc. Thank you.
  6. I know several people in Australia who went the stillen route. But with the stock original stillen kit you will only get around 280kw, and the stock kit is very bad in design and dangerous for your motor. Just do some research on it. If you want to make 300-320kw on the stillen kit you have to switch to A2A setup which there kits available for you to convert the Stillen to A2A. Then and only then will you have a chance at 300-320kw. And ontop of that, there is alot of issues with the reliability of having the kit operate as such. I know more than 2 people in Australia who went that route and all the trouble with it. One of them has already ditched the Stillen + A2A upgrade for a turbo kit all together. Oh and if you want to know how much better a turbo kit is than the stillen supercharger, just read here aswell: https://specialtyz.com/blog/?p=2887 But if you want to keep costs down to minimum and want the ease of install, and do not care about expanding power further then for sure go the Supercharger route.
  7. I know which ones you are talking about tbh. Just remember those Zs for sale use the older GTM TT kit, that company has gone under a few years back so you won't get any support for that turbo kit, not to mention it was a bit dated in design. I went for the AAM competition TT kit, it is the best kit up there with the Fast Intentions kit in terms of reliability/design and efficiency. And they are still supported, so you always have help from the manufacturer. So going for this newer kit, was half the reason I payed dearly for my setup, but it may or may not worth the extra $15K or so it has costed me to have it fitted, not realizing it would cost me alot! If you were to do the build yourself and save the $ on labor, then for sure get a AAM TT or Fast Intentions TT kit. Otherwise, get the GTM TT 370Z going around for $40K or what ever they were. BTW, I am only 1 of 2 in all of Australia who has the AAM Compeition TT kit for the 370Z, and now that it is all finished, it sings wonderfully! 360kw @ wheels on 12 psi and no engine knock according to dyno tuner! Room for more, but im gona leave it here.
  8. Hey mate, let me explain to you, that doing this build was in no way cheap! The cost ended up being ludacris! Getting the kit+all the supporting mods (exhaust system, fuel system, pump, injectors, other bits n pieces, + a new quaife diff) was already close to the $25K+ mark. And then after all the trouble fitting the kit because it required so much modification to fit on a RHD veichle etc etc, all the teething issues, all the tuning issues, 15+ months later, I have finally got the car properly working and running well at 340 rwkw. But the cost was about $45K+ parts n labor! If i knew this, I wouldn;t have ventured into this platform and just chose something else that is more supported. It could be done cheaper in NSW or VIC, I am sure, but because I am in SA I was the guinea pig and payed dearly!
  9. Ahh damm. Yeah. Well, my Pilot Super sport tyres was also not liking the extra power with VDC OFF. I kept going easily sideways when smashing the pedal. I changed upto Potenza RE71R and now I almost feel like I am on Rails!
  10. Well it was definitly a Ecutek throttle cut feature. It happens because something has gone hairy with my rear wheel alignment. Both rears had something like -18° camber, so it didnt take much hard throttle to totally spin sideways and Ecutek was fully cutting throttle. With VDC off, the throttle cut does not occur but then the car would go mentally sideways. The alignemnt is now fixed up properly by a proper high performance alignment centre. Lesson learned, do not goto Pedder's suspension for a wheel alignment.
  11. Looking closer at my logs it seems injector duty bank 1 momentarily shuts off just before the AFR on bank 1 goes lean. So I am guessing something is turning the injectory duty bank off or it is not working correctly when it reaches 43-48% duty cycle under load, but only for a split second before it starts working again.
  12. Yes Ecutek does have the ability to 'cut throttle' when it detects certain dangerous conditions. My tuner has even told me has setup failsafe on my tune. I just don't know if that has actually occured in my situation above, or something else is going on.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I don't know if it is a misfire, I do know that Ecutek will momentarily cut throttle on the Injector Bank 1 when this situation occurs.
  14. Does anyone know why my car will briefly but quickly and suddenly go lean on Bank 1 AFR under WOT as shown in the graph below. As you can see, only the AFR on Bank1 spikes lean but only momentarily then goes back to normal rich condition, and that only happens under WOT. Anyone know why that could be happening? Thnx Car is Nissan 370Z Twin Turbo
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