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  1. Hey guys Had some dickhead reverse into the back of my car with his ute tray and drive off so trying to find a white bootlid if anyone has one or knows of one? Called up many wreckers and can find every other colour besides white. Please feel free to call or SMS 0402 756 302. Cheers
  2. Is there a difference between touring or track z springs/shocks?
  3. Want these gone fast guys. Similar to a drift tek style
  4. Hey guys have some 19" wheels for sale. 5 X 114.3 stud. I believe they have an offset of 30. 245 width tyres. 1 new tyre, 1 reasonable tyre, 2 burnout tyres $700 Located in Wollongong and happy to arrange courier if something wants. 0402 756 302
  5. Might stretch the budget a bit if I can find some wheels i like... Love the GTC style with some dish
  6. Would wheels from a 300zx fit? Are they similar offset?
  7. Hey guys just looking to buy some wheels for my V35. Looking under $1k Let know if you have any you want to get rid of to suit my car.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. PM sent Kolossus If anyone else has any wheels they are considering selling let me know.
  9. So with that calculator the 35 offset will make these wheels sit in from the guards? The v35 offset is really annoying to find a set i like unless your spending $3k+ for rays etc.
  10. Hey guys looking for some second hand 19" or 20" wheels for my v35 but trying to get my head around offsets? One set I am looking at are 20 x 8.5 with a 35 offset the guy thinks. Currently on a 300zx. From what I've been reading on here the 35 offset would sit well inside the guards? What would fit? If anyone is thinking of selling some wheels too let me know. Looking for under $1k. Have 17" 350z wheels I may trade too if someone wants.
  11. Hey bro how are you???

    Long time no see. Still living in the gong?

    Give me a call some time if you still have my number??


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