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  1. Awesome! Do you remember the brand? If not I’ll just dig through their shelves until I find one safe for plastics. But great to know someone has been successful!
  2. I’ve recently picked up a 33 GTR front bar as part of the ongoing collection of parts for the GTST>GTR conversion I’m stupidly doing - but I want to get the lip back to raw plastic, no paint, without damaging the plastic underneath. There’s a few things I’ve seen around - Aircraft Paint Remover (US only it seems), some graffiti remover (So Safe yellow label), but I’m not sure if there’s a better way to be doing this. Some of the paint is already spiderwebbed from impact I believe, so hopefully that helps? Open to suggestions. I know I could just paint it black, but it wouldn’t be the same.
  3. Disconnect fuel filter at bottom end so it's just a hose from the back of the car (note - you'll get fuel over the place so be prepared) - have someone keep an eye on the hose when you crank it. If nothing, fuel pump (or relay/fuse) is gone. I had the same thing, did that, no fuel movement when cranking. New fuel pump with relay mod, bam back in business. If fuel comes out, then spark is bad - either coilpacks (or igniter if s1 but I think you're saying it's an s2), or plugs themselves. Last ditch effort, get a stock ecu just to test. Plug in, crank, if it works, then there's your problem.
  4. Idling issues - AAC valve usually, or a vacuum leak. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/110431-diy-aac-valve-cleaning-idle-reset/ And yep, 22 year old cars will do that - be a pain in the arse forever [emoji4] Also clean the airflow meter, make sure it's not covered in gunk: https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/18037-how-to-clean-your-afm/
  5. If you've got a gtst, one turbo; if a gtr, two, unless you swap back to a single setup. If you want to run more than 1bar you'll definitely need non-stock turbo, and then ECU, fuel pump, injector upgrades too (depends how far you want to go though).
  6. Ah - okay, maybe I should have read that. I just kinda went "f**k it" on it. Not a bad idea. Will change the pos next time I'm at the car.
  7. Relay mod effectively just gives the fuel pump full voltage from the battery but only when something else is on - I used the + line on fuel gauge sender as trigger. Cost me about $15AUD in parts and half an hour of sketching it up
  8. Hmm - I can't vouch for either of those brands, might need to research them a bit. Apparently s1.5 uses the same pack as s2. The leads is a loom that goes from the igniter to the packs - without the cover it looks kinda like this: http://s148.photobucket.com/user/dansVspec/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20131231_200614_zps1cba334f.jpg.html
  9. Oh coilpacks! If you're not chasing tons of power, check out splitfire or yellow jacket coilpacks. The leads from the igniter itself should be fine. For splitfires, dis-005 http://justjap.com/splitfire-direct-ignition-coil-packs-sf-dis-005.html Water pump and mishimoto radiator is a good idea, I just bought a mishimoto myself Enjoy the car stock for a while and then look into the upgrades
  10. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c5/69/67/c569672602a4b1b5d55add9d69bb1ad0.png ^ VIN is located where the blue plate is there. Depends on what 33 you got, but should start with ECR33, HR33, ER33 - that kind of thing. The compliance sticker will have import info too, eg mine is 69U000ECR33xxxxxx. Coilovers - wayyyyyy too many options. Everyone will have their own opinion; I'm running the basic BC Racing ones from justjap and am pretty happy with them.
  11. then you can go and do dumb things like getting brand new GTR rear guards and getting them retrofitted... _looks at self sadly_
  12. Without a boost controller the solenoid will lock it off anyway Unless f**k the solenoid f**k the IWG open that bitch up and baaaaang
  13. One of the saunsw regulars is from cammeray - I'll ask him who he goes/went to.
  14. Probably true - I don't know anything about hyper gear so can't really speak for or against them
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