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  1. Thanks for following up. Max would be 5. I've got 3 definite and 2 tentatives
  2. So to be clear, does that mean that the 1 day CAMS license is no longer available? Got a couple of mates who are keen for the trackday but not so keen at having to buy the yearly license from CAMS.
  3. Put me down too please. Any idea how long it might run for?
  4. Got a mate who wants to come as well but is a non-member and is also not on these forums. What's the best way of putting payment through? I've sent him the link to the SAU storefront. Just use my forum name?
  5. Is Eugene's number still the same? My cars are in need of some love....
  6. Awesome! Just booked and paid. It's been a while since the car has stretched its legs. Will be good to get out there and see what it can do again.
  7. Are there still open spots left for this event?
  8. Yeh, seems to be dependent on who you get. Maybe the news hadn't filtered through to some of their staff. Hopefully if it was insured previously, they will maintain the insurance.
  9. It has been a while out of the scene.... Keen to get back into events, renewal form sent and payment transferred!
  10. WOW!!! All of those pics look so awesome!! I too am so envious especially with how clean the garage is! Wish I had a place that clean for my cars. Thanks for posting such eye pleasing content Terry!
  11. Would also recommend a lexus. I drive one now and I agree with everything that baicai has said about them. Too slow....
  12. Awesome stuff Terry!! Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't mind lining up at an NRMA branch to save that kind of money. Although most of the times I've gone into an NRMA branch, the most I've had to wait is a couple of minutes.
  13. Awesome thread mate. Great to see builds still happening. I wanted to ask what you used to make the videos you had on the track with all the g-force stuff etc?
  14. LOL thanks for the recommendations. I've had good experiences with the BC BR in my other car but I'll read up on the MCAs. Car is used for weekend street duties if it is lucky with a track day thrown in once in a while. Unfortunately I can't really justify the price of Ohlins in the skyline with it seeing so little road time.
  15. My current coilovers have finally died in the 32 and I want to get some BCs. Any recommendations on where to get these? From what I can tell, it is now just JustJap in Sydney selling them? Shame that it is now up to $1399, why couldn't my coilovers die earlier....?