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Found 4 results

  1. LOCATION = SYDNEY MOTORSPORT PARK SOUTH CIRCUIT TIME TABLE 3:30PM GATES OPEN 4:00PM SIGN ON 5:15PM DRIVERS BRIEFING 5:30PM START TRACK ACTIVITY 10:30PM END TRACK ACTIVITY 11:30PM VENUE CLOSES Please read below for event guide, terms and conditions and standing regulations. 1) SPECTATORS Everybody is welcome to spectate at our events entry fee is $5 per person. 2) SCRUTINEERING All cars will need to pass scrutineering and get signed off by our Chief Scrutineer before being allowed on track. Main Safety requirements: - Brakes - Brake lights - Seat belts / harnesses - Windscreen wipers - Headlights and tail lights for night events. - Seats installed correctly - No Leaks - Oil Catch can for unregistered Vehicles - All wheels nuts tightened - Fire Extinguisher (Recommended not compulsory) - Secondary bonnet restraint is compulsory. If you do not have one, please bring a short (1 mtr) rope and our Scrutineer will assist you with installing it. - Safety comes first, any cars not meeting requirements will not be allowed on Track. 3) DRIVER/TRAINEE: Non-synthetic apparel. Clothes must cover you from neck to wrists to ankles. Enclosed shoes with socks must be worn. Helmets need to have the at least one of the following sticker of approval. FIA 8860-2010, FIA 8860-2004, AS1698, SFI 24.1 and Snell SA2000 3.1) PASSENGERS/TRAINEES: Trainees must be minimum 16 years old to ride in a approved car of your choice, at drivers discretion. Parental consent required for Passengers/Trainees under 18. $30 members $50 non-members 4) COST: DRIFTMOB/ARDC members $150 per person (Must have a current L2S CAMS license). Non-Members $200 per person (Must have a current L2S CAMS license). On The Day $250 per person 4.1) CAMS Licensing and related costs - CAMS license can be issued on the day of event – however CAMS licence renewals cannot be processed and must be done prior to the event, via the CAMS website. - To hold a yearly L2S (Level 2 Speed), you need to be a member of a CAMS affiliated car club. - A temporary slip will be issued on the day for yearly purchases and original copy posted out within 6 weeks. . 4.2) Driftmob Membership and ARDC Membership This can be processed on the event day. 5) PAYMENT OPTIONS 5.1) PREPAY Account Name: DRIFTMOB INC Account Number:259 589 Bsb:03 2372) Financial Institution: WESTPAC Please mail your confirmation receipts to "" - Include the number of entries and the names of the drivers you have paid for Entry is only confirmed once payment is received. This will reduce a lot of confusion and ease our administrative process. 5.2) Credit Card - Payment can be made over the phone with the Club Secretary. Contact: Angela Phone: 0406 669 635 (5pm-9pm) Monday - Friday. 5.3) Cash or EFTPOS on the day . - Entries are subject to availability. There are no guarantees of availability for entrants on the day. - No reserving spots on the subject of on the day payment. 6) MISCELLANEOUS - Entries Capped at 60 cars. - Trainees/Passengers permitted in cars at the discretion of the organiser. Subject to skill level of driver taking passenger & CAMS compliant specifications of the vehicle . - Our track days are run based on providing surplus track time for our members, therefore during our events we won't stop for breaks but keep running through the till finish. 7) CONTACT: Angela Phone: 0406 669 635 (5pm-9pm) Monday - Friday. For more information about the event, visit: or Or our Facebook Page: Urgent Enquiries please Email: 1) 2) Regards, Driftmob & Sydney Motorsport Park

    Hey Guys and Girls, Just looking to put together a decent list of available track time: dates / where / who's hosting etc just to try and plan the year ahead and who else might be keen etc etc. So far I have found dates for Trackschool, The NSW Interclub Supersprint Series. Also RTDC trackdays: Saturday - 5th March - SMSP South Sunday - 22nd May - SMSP South Sunday - 5th June - Wakefield Park Sunday - 7th August - SMSP South. Sunday -11th Sept - SMSP Brabham Saturday - 22nd Oct - SMSP South. ARDC Track days: Monday - 22nd Feb - SMSP Brabham Tuesday - 15th March - SMSP Brabham Tuesday - 12th April - SMSP Brabham Monday - 2nd May - SMSP Brabham And Southern Sporting Car Club have a decent list of events also.
  3. SAU TRACK DAY - GP CIRCUIT!!!! Yes you read that correctly, SAU is doing GP circuit!! Okay, so here are the details: DATE: Monday 12th June 2017 (Public Holiday) WHERE: Sydney Motor Sport Park - GP SCHEDULE: 6:00: Gates open 7:00 - 7:20: Drivers sign on - all drivers report to the main desk in control room next to the pit garages bring your licences with you 7.20am - 8:15am Scruitineering, if you're late you need to wait until the day has started so the rest of the group isn't held up. 8:30/45 Drivers briefing at the end of pit lane. 9:00 - Group format beings, this will be run in an alternating timed/ un-timed format. This format allows for passengers/driver training in the un-timed sessions. PRICE: Entry is through the SAUNSW online Store. Link can be found below.!/SAUNSW-GP-circuit-Trackday-Monday-12th-June-2017/p/62695099/category=10151434 SAU-NSW members $280 per driver. Non-Members price $320 per driver Yes that means double entered cars pay twice. Link for Membership info: We have some special deals for other clubs that want to join our days with multiple entries. We will also be having a time attack shakedown group for all the time attack guys needing to do some testing. Just message us for further details. PASSENGERS: $10 on the day after signing a waiver. Must be over 15 years and if under 18 years have parent or guardian permission. All Passengers must have full head to toe clothing and an approved helmet. This will be checked prior to payment once cleared you will be issued with a wristband and allowed out in un-timed sessions. LICENCE REQUIREMENTS: CAMS L2S or AASA club licence Motorsport licence and current club membership card must be shown on the day at the sign in desk. AASA Day license can be purchased on the day for $25 How the day runs: If you've never driven on a track before and want someone experienced to give you instruction and help with how to drive better, faster or safer, or even if you've done a couple of track days and just want to ask some questions (no matter how silly they may seem), we have this at no extra charge available throughout the day. Firstly, when you arrive at the track, find a place to park and empty all loose objects out of the car. Ensure there's nothing loose in the engine bay and that there are no leaks, that your brake lights work and you have all your wheel nuts on and have tightened your sump plug etc. Next step is to go to the office and sign on for the day, take your licence with you and you will be given a scruitineering sheet. Once you receive that, it's time to drive your car to the scruitineering shed, it's the only building right next to the parking. Your car will be checked to make sure it's safe to go on the track, and it will then be assigned a number which is your number for the day. Once you've done all that, it's now time to wait for the drivers' briefing to begin (which will be announced on the loud speakers throughout the pits, and starts at 8.30am sharp). Once the drivers' briefing is over, all the drivers are split into groups based on experience so that everyone is comfortable in their group. One group is then allowed on the track at a time for evenly-timed sessions. Once one group comes off, another goes on. This repeats until the end of the day with a short break around lunch so officials and helpers can get some food and drinks. Groups are small to ensure we have lots of space on the track. Groupings will be based on previous lap times and experience That's basically it! Please note there will be no refunds unless the event is sold out and there are reserves One of the things that really sets our club apart is our commitment to being true enthusiasts. When on normal roads we strive to maintain good relations with the authorities as well as the public in general. When attending one of Skylines Australia NSW events please try to: * Be aware of surrounding environment and act accordingly. * Drive courteously on the state’s roads as a true enthusiast should. * Understand how important it is to maintain the good name of SAUNSW and thus, treat others accordingly. * Any misbehaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. *** Details may change. check back regularly. *** On the day please bring your Motorsport license and current membership card as we need to visually see it, We will have you fill out a entry form and waiver on the day. *** Supp Regs will be available closer to the date. Any Questions Just ask See you at the Track Like this
  4. Hey guys, Thinking of heading to WTAC 2014 at Sydney Motorsport Park this year? I and a few others have / are thinking about entering our Skylines in The Lowdown.Com's Show n Shine on the Saturday (18th of October). I've listed my car as being part of SAU / Skylines Australia NSW, and I think it'd be great if a few others can help represent the club with their awesome machines. It also means you get to park nice and close to the stands! Details from TLD's Facebook page: