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  1. Fatjap44

    Not really been a lot of help you lot!.......something i said?....saw one other R30 in the Yarra valley ..in five weeks.
  2. Fatjap44

    Up to whitsundays now..?..any breakers near here?
  3. Fatjap44

    Well I'm here in Oz knocking around Coffs harbour but travelling up the coast so any help finding trunk trim parts would be good.
  4. Fatjap44

    You lot don't talk much then?
  5. Fatjap44

    Whats the difference between an MR30 and an FJR30? Mine's an 84 FJR30-CA18S Built in Japan Sept 84 but Brought to Australia then exported to NZ in 91 then exported again in 2014 to the UK, sat in a barn until 2016 and after much wrangling got it UK registered June 2017. Its rare to see one over here. Thanks to the Aussie climate it is in excellent condition rust free. I have changed the rear lights from Aussie spec to the hot plate style though
  6. Fatjap44

    Hi i'm a newbie so to speak, although i have owned skylines for the past 12 years in the UK Just thought I would share a pic of my classic, and also see if anyone can help me source some parts to tidy up the rear of my 84 FJR30. My R30 seems to be a bit of a rarity in the UK, its in excellent condition with no rust 77k/kms and a traceable history from Australia through New Zealand to the UK. Also I'm travelling to Sydney end of January and wondered if there are likely to be any local car meets around then? Regards Tim