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  1. Are these kits narrow band?, havn't played for it for a while?
  2. Hey guys and gals would anyone be interested if i could start making these unit's again, Dicksmith use to sell these unit's in kit form and hook up to a live computer/laptop to see what your exhaust gas mixture was, i remember i had a 7 inch screen built into my dash that constantly displayed the EGO mixture on the screen, i have still the software for this unit as well,looked pretty impressive when it was on with like a heart rate monitor and large display digits for read outs,,when you revved the engine the mixture line would constantly scroll and rise and fall like a heart rate,,unit ran of a 9v battery,but i used a relay and switch on the dash so i could turn the unit on/off.,,,,if you guys/girls are interested i can post of what the display looks like as well
  3. hey there,, have you still got the head,or is it gone?
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