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  1. Hey guys, I registered here a while ago and often come to this place for help via the search function when I get stuck. I've got an old '72 Datsun 240z with an RB25DET swap. I bought it with the engine already installed, and It runs nicely. I've tried to do as much of the maitenance work as I can myself, but I'm by no means an expert. Thought I'd introduce myself finally. It's currently stock with the intentions of getting it relaible and "fun", around 350-400hp should be enough (it weighs in at just under a tonne) Currently I'm trying to get the rocker head off as I've got a leaky cam cover seal. Whilst there I'd like to clean up the covers and give them a paint - I've considered getting some 26 covers, but on further thoughts I should probably save that money for something a little higher on the priority list (of which there are many!) The car: The engine:
  2. Depends on your build goals - if you're not making huge power with complicated options, then the Power FC is absolutely fine. It's also worth talking to your tuner as he might have a big preference
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