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  1. ok, i`ve found the neo head and the head intake port design is exactly the same as in the non-neo head. That means that the port mismatch (as seen on the picture) between the neo head port and the neo intake manifold is designed by nissan for some reason -- maybe for extra turbulence right after the injector for better a/f mixture. thanks, thread closed.
  2. yes, thanks, as i wrote new apexi panel filter was just installed.
  3. ok let me ask in other way: is there anyone here running gt2871r or smth similar on rb25 with the stock rubber suction pipe (or silicon type from perfomancewise) and stock airbox? do you have any issues like written above? thank you.
  4. but what is it`s fault? its voltage is ok. it`s voltage drop is ok too as it follows real "pedal lift" effect. but thanks for advise - i`ll try to find another z32 afm.
  5. yes, it`s power fc so there is no any R&R or any other safe modes.
  6. i have had problems with coils before -- this problems looks different. but thanks for reply.
  7. and one more thing: usually the first run at is ok -- the car pulls ok to the redline. but other runs at 1 bar have this problem. On very hot days after traffic the problem appears even at 0.8bar.
  8. boost drops _after_ airflow. timing is ok. exhaust... it`s a split dump pipe from ebay, frontpipe + decat pipe in one piece and fujitsubo exhaiust. the only new part is a splitdump but it seems ok. how should i check it?
  9. hi everyone, i have a harsh airflow drop after ~6300 rpm, at aproximately ~4,4v at Z32 MAF. It feels like i just lift foot of the pedal. When i look at the Datalogit charts i can see that the airflow drops earlier than boost. I suspected the stock rubber suction pipe being sucked inside under boost and just changed it to a silicon type ebay item enforced with metal rings. I also changed the air filter to the new apexi panel filter in the stock box. but no use. the cars still shuts after ~6300 rpm. what else can it be? some kind of full-throttle compressor surge or what? is there any way to diagnose suction pipe sucking itself on the road without a dyno? p.s. it`s rb25 with rb26 crank and rb26 forgies, hks 256/8,8 cams and GT2871R (without port shroud) running 0.8 - 1 bar boost. thanks.
  10. rb25 EX valve springs are longer than IN (free length 45,58mm EX and 39,4mm IN) rb26 springs free length is 46,54mm both IN and EX. SD-5 page of service manual.
  11. no one? at least can anyone give me a photo of rb25det NEO head intake port? thanks in advance.
  12. Hi everyone, I need to install neo rb25det intake manifold to non-neo rb25 engine. The problem is that intake ports are different despite the same gasket. On the photo you can see rb25det neo manifold on the right and rb25 non-neo head on the left. The difference is in the injector section -- it is much smaller on the neo manifold. I know that installing greddy front-mount manifolds is a usual thing for many of you -- so the question is -- do you grind intake ports on the neo head to match greddy manifolds (which are designed for r33 heads) or just install it with this port mismatch?
  13. it`s not stock, it`s power fc as i mentioned before, so it`s not a big problem.
  14. ok, i understand how to dial in exhaust cam as it is possible to install adjustable cam gear on it, but what to do with intake camshaft -- it has nvcs gear so it can not be adjusted...
  15. the cams was installed with stock camgears -- so they have not been dialed in with a special procedures. as i read in this forums tomei poncams give the best result in default position. hks have very similar to tomei figures so i assumed it`s true for hks too. ignition tuning is rotating the CAS with a ignition light to get 15 degrees on the crank pulley at idle. fuel pressure tuning was setting the base fuel pressure at sard fpr (it was brand new and was set to 4 bar instead of 3bar -- but with 4 bar the idle was better). ecu is power fc.
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