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  1. drumwagon

    Okay so I've had another go tonight with the ECU fault codes and it's coming up with 1136 which I think relates to Intake Valve Timing Control. Could this be related to my troubles? I noticed my turbo gauge (which almost never works) moved for about a second yesterday so I haven't given up hope just yet! I've reset the codes so let's see what happens in the morning... Any advice on the topic would be appreciated :-) Although my car has been absolutely terrific with close to no problems in the last seven years I'm clutching at straws now as I don't really get rid of it because I love it so much but I don't know if I can justify spending much on it as 240000km Stagea is probably worth next to nothing. By the way all you guys have been awesome!!!!
  2. drumwagon

    Super sluggish, turbo not spooling, once I hit a hit a hill I'm slowing down dramatically, even shifting right down to first doesn't do much. Tried the ECU fault code method without a reader and it didn't work. However the interesting this is the engine light didn't come back on for quite few days after the problem occurred. The car has been suffering violent engine shuttering when you put you foot for some time. As I mentioned I have recently changed Cam sensors, oxygen sensor, coil pack etc. I spoke to Hypergear a turbo service/overhaul is around $1250, is that the typical going rate?
  3. drumwagon

    Thanks again adms15, No unusual noises, but definitely no pull, I'll check the error code out tonight. Cheers
  4. drumwagon

    Thanks guys, another 50000kms would be nice! No funny noises, (using a bit of oil and apparently leaking oil from the backplate of turbo) Car struggles completely with power up hills. (cans till manually swift back gears but doesn't get the car moving) Boost guage has never really worked so that's not telling anything, engine light although usually alway on funnily enough was at the time. (engine is no back on again) Have recently changed Cam sensors, oxygen sensor, coil pack etc, had a pretty crap summer with almost overheating up hill on every over 30 degree day. Having said all that I'd probably to change the AFM and replace turbo if that solved most of my issues. Is there someone in Sydney, how's pretty good with the m35 turbos? Cheers
  5. drumwagon

    Thanks admS15 (and everyone else) I'm pretty bummed out, My mechanic has told me to have a good think about (I'm not set up at the moment to do it myself and realistcally I'm only good with old cars) at 240000kms I probably need to change the gearbox and I'm pretty sure I need new front CV shafts too. Looks like this is going to be much more expensive exercise than I anticipated or another Stagea! Such a shame It's been such a good car. I'm probably looking at a few grand at least to keep it right?
  6. drumwagon

    Hey guys, Just hit 240000kms and need to replace my turbo. (VQ25DET) I've enjoyed my Stagea for 7 years now and I'm not that keen to get rid of her just yet or spend mega $$$ I'm located in Sydney, does anyone have and recommendations or has been down this road? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers