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  1. Dude how did you go? What time did ya get? Im gonna head out to run my car when i get my licence back in APR. Untill then all i can do is stare at it and wash it every weekend to keep me sane........... :headspin:
  2. Dude just change gears like you normally would, but do it as quick as you can. Do not hold your foot on the accelorator. Ya dig?
  3. Lately in the south of Sydney at Sutherland there is a club called Elevate aka Hunters, over the last couple of weeks ive had 2 friends cars stolen (not skylines). Just letting you all know be careful, i sometimes park my car out the front, because there are bouncers out the front and i dont think some N0B would try to rip a car off in front of secuirty gaurds.....
  4. The word on the street is: an R33 GTST Box is the same as a GTR box, it just doesnt have the transfer case for AWD. I might be wrong but every man and his dog i talk to says that. Hope this helps.........
  5. Sweet as. I might look into those Greddy plenums too. Thanks peoples!
  6. I was lookin at doin the same thing. Well santa has my order for christmas, a GTR Dash!
  7. Cheers guys much appreciated! I was under the impression that the GTR Inlet would make the cooler piping easier and reduce lag. But i love my torque and im not to keen on throwing a few grand in just for a custom plenum. If i was gonna make the car a total animal i would consider it, but thats the not the case. My next and final question: Would this FMIC Kit be worth the cash? http://www.horsepowerinabox.com/HPIAB2/category8_1.htm Thanks!
  8. I guess this soughta stuff is posted all the time, i did a search on the forums and couldnt find the desired info. Im looking at upgrading to a FMIC and a GTR inlet manifold for my R32. Im finding very hard to get my hands on a GTR inlet manifold/plenum. ANyone got any suggestions and.or a rough price on the manifold/plenum? Cheers!
  9. Hey guys Im a newbie here, just got me an R32. Got a quick question and need some advice, i want to put a FMIC on my R32, i dont want to change the inlet manifold/plenum, one of my mates said you can get C channeled intercoolers (both the inlet and outlet are on the same side) (hope you know what im talking about!) Anyone know of the cost or who makes them or can i take it somewhere and get it c channeled? Thanks for your time!
  10. My mates VL has an RB20 with a GTR cooler, stock turbo, 3 inch cat back, 14psi he got 148rwkw.
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