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  1. I wish I could get it to work with no ac installed.
  2. I'm pretty sure the cel should illuminate with the ignition on, but before starting. Mine only illuminates while cranking. Something is going on with the wiring for sure.
  3. Does this seem expensive? https://www.obdinnovations.com/nissan-consult-bluetooth-14-pin-ddl-diagnostic-interface-v2-3/ Is there something else out there you have had good luck with?
  4. I'm also using this ddl adapter https://www.obdinnovations.com/nissan-consult-usb-14-pin-ddl-diagnostic-interface-with-ftdi-ft232r-chip/
  5. Turns out the ecu fuse (10 amp) was blown. Now I have a cel while cranking. See attached video. Is this normal for it not to turn on while ign is on? Also i still can't get in to the diagnosis mode to read codes. I am arcing the 2 pins for 2 secs. If i have no codes is anything supposed to happen? I still can't get my laptop to connect to this program >> https://conzult.com/ Is there a better software i should be using? celv.MOV
  6. Ok. I removed the mines ecu and installed a stock ecu. Same issue.
  7. Previous owner in japan seems to have disabled my cel and I can't figure out how to fix the issue. I get nothing when I turn the ignition on and when I start the car. Checked the bulb in the cluster, it's fine. Checked continuity from the bulb trace to the ecu and that's fine. #32 orange black wire. The ecu seems to not be sending a signal to the bulb. Tried activating the codes via the consult plug and that doesn't get it to light up either. On a side note, i can't get my laptop to connect to the ecu either. Using datascan. I am literally at a loss.
  8. Yeah, I agree. Though I haven't solved my dead #6 cyl yet. I was hoping these wires were the culprit but no dice.
  9. It looks worse than it really is because I have pulled all the wires apart while investigating.
  10. I don't think any solder was used. Please bump up your post count on someone else's posts.
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