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  1. Hey guys, for some reason a previous owner pinched and welded this t piece that joins up to the Jpipe, does anyone know where I can sort one of these parts, are there any after market options? cheers.
  2. Right guys, we are getting closer, all my "lag" issues and running rich issues are sorted, the car drives really well after I noticed that the knock sensors have been fully cut and there has been no resistor put into pin 23 and 24 of the ECU which places the ECU into a knock map to avoid damage. So today I went and got two 470k resistors and soldered them into 23 and 24 and the car runs nicely while driving. Sadly however the idle hunting, stalling when coming to a stop and low idle (400ish rpm) are still there.
  3. Hi Jessr, Thanks for that, I'll definitely have a look to see if I have the same problem.
  4. I've had a chat to one of the mechanics at work and he reckons these symptoms sound like the timing belt being off by a tooth, could that be a viable conclusion?
  5. Hey Duncan, thanks for your reply man. Completely stock RB20DET, stock ECU as well. I'll have an even closer look at each individual coupling tomorrow. Plugs are black and fouled, but I didn't want to chuck new plugs in as I figured they would get fouled with the car running rich as well which would ruin the plugs. Could I be wrong? Cheers
  6. Hey guys, hopefully someone can shed some light or point me in the right direction because I'm feeling pretty fed up with this car at the moment. 😆 I've got a series of issues which probably all relate to one problem. - Car will stall 90% of the time when coming to a set of lights as soon as you clutch in (same with trying to park) - Car is running incredibly rich, strong smell of fuel, plugs are fouled - If you floor it, it slowly creeps through 1000-3000rpm and then 3000 onwards takes off alright (feels like some mental lag for a stock rb20det turbo) - Can sometimes get it to idle around 600 if I'm lucky but as soon as you give it the slightest rev, the revs fall down and it wants stall out - Generally idle hunts between 300-600 rpm. Another thing I have found odd is the idle screw on the IACV doesn't affect the idle what so ever. Things I've done: - Cleaned MAF - Cleaned IACV (Also manually put 12v on the IACV and it does click) - Removed vent to atmosphere BOV as I've heard RB's can play up with these - Checked for vacuum leaks with carb cleaner around all vacuum lines - Checked all couplings and intercooler piping for any visible cracks - Set TPS to 0.48v From one desperate dude to another, please help. 😅
  7. Cheers for that GTSBoy, I honestly had no idea.
  8. Hey guys, I’ve been trying to set my TPS on my RB20DET R32 GTS-T, however, the lowest voltage I seem to be able to get is around 1.5 and the highest being around 3 (fully tilted each way). Does anyone have any idea why I’m unable to get any readings anywhere near 0.48 where it needs to be? It’s driving me crazy. Ive tried changing out the TPS for another one but still get the same exact issue, I’ve attached a video for reference. Any help is super appreciated! 1513450E-9D8C-4B2D-905A-5493631D8083.MOV
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