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  1. Is there a way to hard wire the alternator for testing? I don’t think it’s getting the “excite” signal. Would it be safe to run 12v or 5v or whatever it is to the terminal where the white/red wire goes
  2. Yeah that’s what I thought but 3 seperate alternators? One of them I know is in definite working condition?
  3. Ok shitty electric problem, so I turn the ignition on and the battery light does not turn on. All the other dash lights do, I have checked the bulb and continuity from the red/white wire at the alternator plug to the ecu pin and there is no break in the circuit. The alternator is not charging, I have tried 3 different alternators all having the same issue. I have checked everything at the alternator there is no voltage loss or any reason it shouldn’t charge I am stumped. Any ideas? sorry for a sort of double post
  4. Alternator isn’t charging and cluster isn’t working. The far right relay was not working and I jumped it and cluster worker. Alternator still not charging. Black wire behind middle relay in photo is broken. Can anyone tell me what that wire and those relays are for? Can’t find anything. Car does not crank now after small black wire breaking.
  5. Alternator wasn’t charging, replaced that. Still no charge and instrument cluster isn’t doing anything. Checked all fuses they are all ok. Any ideas?
  6. Have an r32 gts with 5 stud on the rear and small brakes, standard 4 stud rotor has been drilled out to 5 stud. Rotors worn, don’t want to drill a 4 stud rotor and can’t seem to find a replacement rotor that’s standard 5 stud. 267mm diameter with internal drum handbrake around 68mm. Does anyone know a part number? Apparently a c34 stagea works has anyone done it before? Can’t find the part number for that either and yes have done some googling can’t find a match
  7. Yeah thought this would be the case. 20det ecu has different timing so that won’t work. I’ve put DE injectors back in for now, runs fine with those. It’s just gonna be a hack till other motors ready.
  8. Plus T’d my 20de to see how it’d go until my 20det is ready, I’ve basically just bolted on the turbo, intercooler and 20det red injectors, has an adjustable fpr at 40psi and walbro 255 and stock 20de ecu. Engine was pretty healthy prior to being turbo’d but now it smokes like f*ck and the smoke just stinks of fuel vapour. It’s insanely rich and I’m just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue? Are the injectors really pumping in that much fuel that it smokes out the garage with in 20 seconds? Or should I keep stock injectors in with boost at 7psi. Worried about leaning out.
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