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  1. That makes sense. For the most part I've done all mods so far myself but I don't trust myself still being a novice to touch a VB. I'll call some places like you suggested. Thanks for the info though.
  2. Sorry forgot to put that one specific detail up. I'm in Perth and I can't really afford to drop the VB and send it either.
  3. Thanks man. As of right now I plan to get a transgo VB upgrade installed and then a tune done (Uprev specifically) as I have high-flow cats installed, catback exhaust, 5/16 plenum and a air intake. After that I'll hopefully replace my front rotors, new pads, rims and suspension/sway bar upgrade. After that I'll be doing the interior -> bodywork -> engine bay. Infact I'm having a bit of trouble finding a place which can do the VB upgrade as I am in Perth and I know there is a guy in Sydney but I can't put time aside to send the VB out.
  4. Just recently bought a Transgo Valve body upgrade and I have a few questions I wanted to ask. Firstly; does anyone know of a mechanic/transmission shop which can install the kit? Would prefer a trusted, or at least a person who has done it before but I know that may not be the case. I'd also like to know from anyone who has one installed if they noticed after a while more wear in the transmission itself than ordinary? I know with each modification done you will wear systems out faster but would like to know if anyone had horror stories. I've searched around on multiple forums to find a place and I've seen a lot of recommendations for this VB kit as well which is why I went for it.
  5. Just wanted to say hi there, new member from Perth with my beloved 2004 350z. Wanted a Z for a long time and managed to snag her 5 months ago. Got a lot of things I want to do and already a few things done.
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