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  1. because i have spent a good chunk of 6 years now working on rb engines and I am building the engine and doing the mounts etc myself so its no easier to do a ls that i know nothing about and rb is lyf
  2. ah yeah i guess neo would be a fair bit of extra work fair point there haltec it is i guess
  3. i think s2 stageas and er34 rbs are supported with nisture and is there a major issue with a n/a ecu? yeah someone mentioned rb30 starters dying using a 25 gbox is all and yeah studs and a few other things were on the books just weather or not to do it now or later i dont know as the head will likely come off within six months for better pistons and rods as for the loom yeah i already have to modify the loom im getting from wiring specialties as the e36 dash needs a bmw sensor to replace a nissan one on the motor
  4. So this is my 92 320i e36 im currently tearing the front apart as you can see for a 25/30 engine swap and i think this is probably the best place for this build to be posted. it doesn't need too much outside of the conversion but i defiantly need a few things so here is the list of things to do or at least i hope to do at some point ? e46 purple tag rack new wheels probally the 2 im missing to match the front euro tailights decent seats possible m3 front bar the obvious missing engine any ideas on other things that are nice things to have on e36s
  5. So im about to purchase a 30 for a e36 25/30 build and was wondering a few things so my questions are will a rb25 wiring loom need much changing apart from the e36 side of things? (ill be ordering a e36 rb25 loom) for a 25 box i just need a 25 slave and starter? is haltec the only real way to go ecu wise or could i nistune a 25 ecu what power can stock studs handle is there a reason i shouldnt use a n/a 25 head and ecu if i dont want to turbo it straight away above all that i dont want to make big power straight away just want it to be usable
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