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  1. Started to remove more things off the car. I spent a lot of time labeling all the connectors from the harness. No way in hell I was going to remember where every single connector plugs into. My dad also gave me this massive LED light for the warehouse. The warehouse that came with the retirement home he bought had poor lighting or did not work. Shines super bright and I was able to conduct work at night instead of racing until the sun came down.
  2. I was curious about the sealer also. all of the R32 I was looking at in the market did not have this so I'm curious also to see what was done when it all comes out.
  3. Yeah, the space belongs to my dad. He has a retirement home on 45 acres of land and this warehouse to myself. I get to bond with the car and bond with my dad lol.
  4. Hello everyone! I just got back from Iraq I spent 2 years there. I was deployed with as a soldier and after that I started working as a private contractor. Long story short due to the troop withdrawal I was able to come home and pick up this R32 GTR from RHDSpecialty. It is a 1994 R32 GTR in crystal white with a Nismo 320km/h cluster, Nismo gauge and a Kakimoto exhaust (I recently swapped to a Tomei Expreme Ti). I have been wanting a project car for the longest time but never had the funds and now after working 12 hours 7 days a week for 1 year in Iraq I was able to buy this legendary machine. I plan to clean up the engine bay and take care of the small rust that normally will come with this 26 year old car. Any inputs on body work and rust prevention will be greatly appreciated it!
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