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  1. I have upgraded to R34GTT F+R brakes on my N/A R34 with braided lines all round. I have bled the brakes about 4 times due to the pedal being extremely spongey (the brakes definitely work after road testing) but I can basically touch the floor with the brake pedal if i stand on the pedal. I will add this: I did notice the spongey pedal prior to upgrading the calipers but never really thought enough of it considering that I was planning to upgrade the brake system shortly anyway. So the problem could be elsewhere unrelated to this upgrade. Is there any chance of the ABS module needing to be specially bled? Or could it be a fked master cylinder bypassing or something and how can I check? thanks guys
  2. AFM, have had similar issues on other cars.
  3. and what if vacuum leak isn't the culprit? or is there any certain hard to find problem areas that cause vacuum leaks?
  4. Recently bought an R34 Non turbo and slowly going through the small issues with the car, but I am interested if anyone can help with this one.. The idle has been about 1.2-1.3k RPM (extremely high) and I had a look for any adjustments that can be made and turned the idle screw and managed to get it close to about 950-1000RPM but this is still not where it should be (recommends 650RPM from nissan) The car is a factory auto, manual swapped. Can anyone throw some ideas?
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