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  1. Hi there everyone! It is a pleasure to be here. My brother passed away recently and never got to finish his 1996 Skyline R33 build so I decided to finish it to honour him and get it on the road. I am clean to get it onto the road and hopefully spec it up as I go along but would like to pass the road worthy and get it on the road. I am wondering do I have to present it stock or can I put on a body kit. If I can do a body kit, I am looking for front bar that not too low to ground so I don't trash it on the speed bumps Melbourne has up. Also maybe a side skirt? I am new to building up cars but I know a few things about doing up bikes. My brother had extra gauges as well, do I need to remove them as well? I picked up some new tyres and got them on. Ordered a new fuel OEM fuel pump but waiting on it and mail taking forever. I would like to get some aftermarket headlights and maybe some nifty back light but should I do them after roadworthy? Friends said they would help me do a spray job as long as I did some of the legwork in prepping it. I am thinking black with red liones. My bro was always a bit of a Michael Jordan fan so black and red Chicago Bulls colour seemed appropriate. Anyway i would love your suggestions where I could go on the Skyline. In the end I probably be not racing it but I would like it to good with cool features. Anyway hit me for suggestions or say hi, I am looking to hopefully learn a lot about working on this car. And once again, thanks for letting me join. The car even got a SAU sticker already on it though some of it is peeling though I want to get some new ones on there! I am also looking for the original gear knob as I have a Nismo long gear knob. Also interested in doing some new hoses in red. Just picked up some Mishimoto radiator hoses in red. I am in Melbourne and currently building the car in Laverton. in regards Jake
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