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  1. So i picked up a 370z gearbag yesterday from nippon auto parts in derby. as you can see next to the r35 bell housing it is almost exactly the same. There is some minor alterations that martin will do to make it bolt right on and then use a custom flywheel and clutch combo.
  2. Bought some te37sl to go over the new brakes, it is a tight fit though with 18s lol. The fronts will need a 6mm hubcentric spacer to actually get them to fit which is fine as i needed spigot rings anyway and there are slip on spacers to match the nissan centre bore and the te37 wheel bore size.
  3. So i got bored today and just thought id make sure it actually fits in the hole lol. i literally just dropped it in, it will need to go a bit further back i think.
  4. also you may want to drill a hole at each end of the crack to stop it cracking even more. but that will depend on how much room you have and how visible the crack is etc. when i used to repair the gas network the old metal pipes would crack often and before fitting a rubber clamp to seal it we always drilled each end of the cracks to stop them getting longer.
  5. id just say in japan lol, california sounds like a ballache to live in. the uk is easy, can do whatever you like to the car aslong as its safe.
  6. devcon is a bit better than jb weld, i have actually seen someone use it as a patch up in a cylinder and honed it down. and well lets just say it worked lol
  7. So just spent another loads of dosh on r35 brakes, probably should of just bought an r35 lol. Got a great deal on these and ive just ordered the supertec racing fitting kit. was looking into the hypertune kit but this was uk made and ready to go in stock. These will be fitted after martin has done the engine swap as if i fit them now i have no way to make sure theyre working preoperly before he starts mapping/ road testing the car.
  8. This was my more door drift car from a few years ago
  9. The recaro was fairly easy to fit, i had a bride rail from my r34 4 door drift car sat about so i just fabbed up some angle to bolt to the seat and welded it onto the rail. Sits lovely. Other than its a passenger seat lol.
  10. Heres a pic of the car as it sat a year or so ago. it obviously now has an empty engine bay ready for the vr, only other mod so far is a dc5 integra recaro i picked up off a mate for the drivers seat.
  11. Hi guys, newish to the site but always had skylines or a 200sx kicking about. im from the uk and this site seems to be alot busier than the ones we have over here so thought id jump on and share my build. Ive had an auto r34 2 door for a year or so now but havent really done anything with it as my job was a bit uncertain and i ended up walking out 9 months ago. Jump to about 3 months ago though and they called me back and offered me a payrise and a company van so all is well again. So with that it was time to get some speed back in my life, and i debated on getting an r35 but i just dont fancy the repair costs when they break etc (and i will break it) so ive opted for the best of both worlds and im going for a vr38 swap in my r34. Ive picked up a vr38 and sold my rb25 neo already so hopefully it wont be long and then the car is off to martin at MBautomotive for the engine to be fitted with some other tasty goodies. He has built 2 vr38 s15s in the uk, one being his own back in 2012 ish and anouther a few years ago for a customer of his. Here is how it sits atm, only a few pics i have unfortunatly. i am on the lookout for a fibreglass bonnet like the one i have, i just dont want to cut up a carbon one for the engine to fit. Also the big gay wing has gone (wasnt big enough to be a BGW lol)
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