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  1. I didn't buy it...I swapped it for my mr2 Spyder that got hit by a truck (hit and run) and had a bent chassis and damage all over the car and day after being hit, was caught in the massive Springfield storm and came through the roof of the cars and hit me in the head and had 2 seizure after that, it was a write off bad had no insurance, we swapped it as he wanted for parts... And was a driving defect after all that.
  2. It wasn't bled when previous owner change the coolant 400 KMs before I bought it, when he took me for a 30 min drive he turned the heater on full ball and it cooled down straight away... But it doesn't work for me at all and between then and now I've replace thermostat and radiator so more air in the system...I am currently doing it again but putting nose down hill not up hill this time. I wish I could have bled it, but had no bleed screw so had to buy one.. no I don't have bleed rad cap. VID20210115110725.mp4
  3. Hi everyone, I have had trouble with the car since I got it (2002 m35 VQ25DET) it seems to get air into the system somehow after just installing a bleeder as someone previous broke mine and bled it properly finally after replacing thermostat and radiator. On a inclined driveway was bleeding it and seemed fine held temp nicely and drove for 5 minutes floored it once and then finished going around the massive circle, and after flooring it about 3 mins later it starts to go up in temp from dash then aftermarket goes up fast. Then once it's on and and have returned home I loosen the bleeder and all this hot mist and air comes out was coming out for about 5 minutes, but before hand there was no air in it. Since I've got it it overheats then pisses out coolant and steam out of overflow even after the replacement s of thermostat and radiator, and then bleeding. It's currently on 12 psi. My father says it could be air from the turbo and it's leaking through a gasket into cooling system... But I thought I might ask the experts here. Please help me 😳
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