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  1. Hi Scotty,


    I tried messaging you but it didnt work hence this post.

    I googled where to service Nissan Skylines iin Melbourne and your name popped up quite a few times on these forums.

    I have a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Manual and have had it for about half a year and it is now due for its first service since I have owned it.

    Do you have a shop where you service cars like these? I am based in the east.
    I have actually bought the materials already i.e. oil, oil filter and air filter, how much will it cost to service?

    This is my first sports car so I really want to have a proper job done hence I don't want to go to any Jo blow.

    Thank you :)


  2. No BOV... it's probably the turbo. Check for leaks first if you can pump compressed air into the piping.
  3. I didn't receive an email, but I just tried calling with no answer. Call me back Brendon.
  4. If those bolts turned by hand the turbo had already been replaced, and done by someone who knew it was coming out again. The nuts are all crimped from the factory.
  5. Seen a few leaking coolant from the back of the head lately, from mixing brands of coolant I think.
  6. That's a rather large turbo for a 2.5L, what are your power goals? You would need a triple plate for the power it's capable of, unless you just like lag?
  7. Yeh, that isn't supposed to go right through, the long bolt someone shoved in there must have broken right through.
  8. Nissan? Let me know if you have issues, I don't have a problem getting most parts.
  9. The pcv always leaks at idle. New covers are around $250 each.
  10. I can get new 550's, but I would be looking at a top feed conversion personally. New modern injectors crap on the old side feeds, and don't fail on ethanol. Let me know if you want a quote, the rail kit and 1000's will work out around the same price as the side feed set I suspect.
  11. Shouldn't be hard to find one, but it's likely just a leak. R34 use the same sensor...
  12. My Stagea runs a digital G sensor, with much the same Attessa setup. Is that the sensor they use? Or are we talking aftermarket programmable?
  13. I guess other than Osiris, no one would spend the sort of coin a standalone would set you back, for the minuscule gains a non turbo would get. Are you planning for forced induction?
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