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  1. It’s also different ECU and canbus for everything else as I understand it, you’ll need the dash too etc.
  2. It’s a VQ35DE no? Loads of 350zs about, loads of parts, shouldn’t be an issue to swap/rebuild. The VQ25DET is not a swap you want to do unless you want to do an everything swap.
  3. Where are you Sergey? I have a spare standard ECU in the UK if helpful.
  4. Looking good! Just got to do the rest of the bay now [emoji6]
  5. Can’t believe I only just saw this! Any chance of an upload? Much appreciated! John
  6. Last few remaining. Be nice to finally break even on these [emoji23]
  7. I read somewhere that the motor can benefit from a refresh and I’m sure there’s a how to on a US G35/V35 forum somewhere... I just fixed my stutter with some new blades but have fresh linkages ready to go in just in case. Was really hoping it was one of the two and not the motor! Sounds like you might be unlucky
  8. It’s as flexible as any other silicone hose but I guess it depends how different the intake port is... I suspect any more than a couple of cm different and it would kink a tad?
  9. 8 sets of black remaining. Here’s a pic of the black from Liam Lavin’s bay: After the summer they will go on eBay and will be marked up accordingly to recover my costs.
  10. Really neat and nicely packaged. Shame there’s not a lot of room in our engine bays, would make life a little easier! Is the PCV delete worthwhile? I’d have thought the breathing would be better with it in place?
  11. Amazing work Brendon as ever! Some tasty parts there that I’m sure a few of us would be interested in if you wanted to make some more...
  12. Plenty of black sets left at £51 (91AUD) posted. Message me if you’re interested! John
  13. So I er kinda forgot to update this thread, but they’re done:
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