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  1. No BOV... it's probably the turbo. Check for leaks first if you can pump compressed air into the piping.
  2. I didn't receive an email, but I just tried calling with no answer. Call me back Brendon.
  3. If those bolts turned by hand the turbo had already been replaced, and done by someone who knew it was coming out again. The nuts are all crimped from the factory.
  4. Seen a few leaking coolant from the back of the head lately, from mixing brands of coolant I think.
  5. That's a rather large turbo for a 2.5L, what are your power goals? You would need a triple plate for the power it's capable of, unless you just like lag?
  6. Yeh, that isn't supposed to go right through, the long bolt someone shoved in there must have broken right through.
  7. Nissan? Let me know if you have issues, I don't have a problem getting most parts.
  8. The pcv always leaks at idle. New covers are around $250 each.
  9. I can get new 550's, but I would be looking at a top feed conversion personally. New modern injectors crap on the old side feeds, and don't fail on ethanol. Let me know if you want a quote, the rail kit and 1000's will work out around the same price as the side feed set I suspect.
  10. Shouldn't be hard to find one, but it's likely just a leak. R34 use the same sensor...
  11. My Stagea runs a digital G sensor, with much the same Attessa setup. Is that the sensor they use? Or are we talking aftermarket programmable?
  12. I guess other than Osiris, no one would spend the sort of coin a standalone would set you back, for the minuscule gains a non turbo would get. Are you planning for forced induction?
  13. The seats came with a bypass plug, but if it's just a switch like I suspect it is, you can likely just short it
  14. Engine out is definitely not required
  15. What engine? Vq30det? I fix a lot of VQ engines, and have never seen a chain issue. Usually it's a guide or tensioner, or variable cam actuator causing issues. Your best bet is a g35 chain kit from the US if it fits, or just go to Nissan with your Vin? Try EPCdata for part numbers.
  16. I measured my Bride adapters quickly and got 0 ohms. I suspect it's just a switch in the seat to tell the airbag ecu there is someone sitting in the seat, but stuffing around with various resistors could end in tears. Has anyone researched what the G35 guys are doing?
  17. If the airbag lamp is lit it's likely not going to deploy. Most likely it's the switch under the seat that is faulty, but check the plugs too. Might be best to try and bypass it like I did years ago when I fitted Bride seats.
  18. The radio antenna is built into the rear side glass each side, are you talking about a TV antenna?
  19. Shoot through a pic of what you have, or the application, I can sort you out.
  20. The power supply in the stereo is faulty, it supplies power to the aircon buttons
  21. You might struggle, they are completely different in operation. If you are planning to tune the M35 as a standalone you can just run new wires to the Z33? I would go Z32 or VQ35 personally. How are you planning to fix the airflow curve if not tuning?
  22. Looks like the clamps were over tightened to me, were you using those shitty Tbolt ones, or Norma style worm drive? You should be able to straighten it out with a ball head hammer and gently tap it back into round.
  23. The converter is always locked in manual mode, in auto the 200 rpm rise in revs is the converter unlocking on acceleration.
  24. I do hope your Hypergear lasts, it's not a job I like doing twice... By the way, the Intense RS is an extremely responsive billet ceramic ball bearing turbo, contrary to Tao's bullcrap above. A lot less shaft play in the bearing too. I have some great video's to show, but didn't want to ruin the poor guy. Let me just say clearances matter. *shakes head*
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