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  1. Hey guys, got this 3" nismo catback to suit r33. Pretty quiet and would be good for rego. $300 ono
  2. Moved the indicators today. Really happy with the outcome
  3. Hey all, Selling Whiteline sway bars to suit r33 gtst. Brand new, never ended up installing them. BNF24Z 24mm 4 point adjustable front - $250 BNR11XZ 22mm 2 point adjustable rear - $200 KLC108 Front sway bar links - $120 Happy to let it all go for $500. Can supply photos if requested. Cheers, Chris
  4. Have seen this on Facebook. Should be heading out Saturday with a couple of mates.
  5. Hey guys, Have an r33 Nismo catback for sale. Good 3" quiet exhaust. Would pass rego inspection. Centre muffler is a bit crushed, I bought it like that. $400ono. Cheers, Chris
  6. Yeah I only put the car back together two weeks ago. Definitely would have noticed if it was like this before
  7. Hey guys, Was out for a cruise today with a mate. Giving the car a hard flog. All of a sudden I heard this loud whistling. Sounded like a typical boost leak. Checked clamps hoses and all looked good. Noticed this when I pulled everything apart. The intake pipe was made by nm Scotty and it's actually pretty solid. Has anyone seen this before? Cheers, Chris
  8. Reviving. I've got a mate going to check out an r33 gtst. Has anyone passed Dickson recently with a hole cut in the engine bay for fmic piping? Chris
  9. I think he means the tiny little pumps that plug into the bottom of the windscreen washer bottle
  10. I'm still racing on iracing in the V8 Supercar Online Premier Series. Runs every few weeks. Always quality racing!
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