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  1. Yeah, I did some research prior to purchasing and spoke to a couple of others who've done it. Already have the intercooler sorted too. Just need to work out engine management, injectors and fuel pump next.
  2. Sorry guys, I should have been more specific. The turbo setup is coming from a VQ25 DET and will be fitted to my VQ35. I actually had a chat last night with someone that's done it and looks like it's relatively straight forward. I've already committed to the purchase, so a build thread may be incoming...
  3. Hi guys, the opportunity has come up to buy the turbo, manifolds, dump pipe etc from an M35 Stagea for pretty cheap. I've read that this setup bolts straight up to a V35 coupe but cant really find much info on the matter. Has anyone done this, or confirm it can actually be done?
  4. Z1 mororsports or Concept Z will ship to Australia. Prepare to fork out the big bucks though.
  5. I've read that the early 6mt's have gearbox issues, but i'm yet to meet anyone that's actually had a problem. I've known of a few guys with turbo or supercharger setups still running the stock clutch and flywheel without issue. Overall though, they're pretty reliable cars. The only things I've had to do with my 03 model in the last 4 years is replace the bushes and valve covers. The 05, 06 versions are a lot less common which may have something to do with the oil burning issue. All the guys in the states complain about it non-stop. The interior is a bit nicer though.
  6. Post your question on a few of the VQ Facebook pages, like VQ Australia, VQ sales and swap Australia, V35 society australia etc. A few wreckers use those pages. A transmission or some advice shouldn't be hard to find, you just need to know where to look.
  7. I had mine done through pedders in Cannington, $417 including alignment. Their service was good and they know what they're doing with V35's.
  8. Not my first time posting the results of my fun times down the strip, and certainly not going to be my last. Please see my video below documenting my adventures. After setting a PB of 14.2 @ 159kph back in October 2017, I decided to take my 2003 V35 back to the Perth Motorplex back in may before they closed up for the winter. The car should have been in great form- freshly serviced, a set of splitfire coilpacks (installed after the car threw a code) and some stainless steel test pipes (shedding 16kg of weight alone). I was gunning for a 14 flat, maybe even a high 13, but alas it was not meant to be. Despite a higher top speed (160+), I lost 2/100ths of a second and kept running 14.4's all night. It appears the car has picked up in the top end, but the 60ft times suffered. Where I was redlining 3rd previously, I still had an extra 500rpm up my sleeve. The only things to do now would be a tune, and maybe a 3:65 manual diff, so with bonus time coming up at work, that's what I'm planning for. But at least I know there is room for improvement! Mods as current: Apexi single 3" exhaust Stainless straight pipes Plenum spacer Injen short ram intake Grounding wire kit Splitfire coilpacks Tein coilovers Godspeed front/rear swaybars Factory Rays 19x8/19x8.5 forged rims with Achilles ATR Sport 2 tyres Please have a watch of the video and feel free to leave your thoughts below.
  9. Running factory forged Rays 19x8/19x8.5 wheels. Cant remember the exact type of tyres, but they were Achilles that a lot of clubsport owners tend to use. Have considered a shift-kit in the past, but can't see it make a huge difference TBH.
  10. My mate managed to run 14.3 in his VE SS commodore a few years ago, with a terminal speed of 162kph. So clearly my top end is hurting me (still pretty stoked that a car with a 60kw+ power disadvantage could manage to keep par). I noticed last time around, the car was about to redline as I crossed the finish, whereas the first time I went, it was sitting around 6000rpm. I would definately say I have reached the limit of what the car can do at this point of time.
  11. Yeah, I was very happy to run 14.3. I increased my tyre pressure to around 36psi (from about 30), so I'm wondering if this helped. I had no traction issue either time, which is why I decided to run it a bit higher. Rear tyres were brand new Achilles, which were recommended as I was having traction issues in the wet. My first night was 14.6 @ 156kph and second night was 14.3 @ 158, so there was only 2kph difference despite a fairly big time gap. The time sheet showed a similar 60ft time, but the 660ft speed was about 4kph difference. Overall, it didn't seem like a particularly fast run either, but I dont think it would have managed much faster TBH. The terminal speed was about .5kph slower than another run i did that night, so a 159kph pass would not have been out of the question. I think I have launching down good, as well as manual shifting, but 3rd gear is where the turbos seemed to have their advantage. Overall though, I'm proud of the result.
  12. See attached time sheet above. I do have it on video, so I may chuck it up after work.
  13. So, just an update. I decided to give it another crack under better conditions to see how it went. I went down on a chilly night on 10/05/17 after doing the 100k service (new plugs and oil) and saw massive improvements. Best run of the night was 14.3 @ 158kph. I was much happier with this result, especially since it's only a mildly modified car. I beat 2 R34's and an R33, and the look on all their faces at the end was priceless. Terminal speed could still do with some improvement (across all runs, the turbo skylines had a final speed at least 10kph faster than me). I'm fairly confident some HFC's, headers and an uprev tune would see me break into the 13's. The car really lacks at top end. Another V35 was there that night, and was running 14.7-9s, and a 350z was running very low 15's but was unable to crack the 14's. time sheet.pdf
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