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  1. going to put air intake & exhaust on the car & just want a flash tune to get the delimet off & get better it driving better
  2. all im being told is it not worth doing as its a auto.
  3. Right info is hard to find here in the uk for tunning the v36 370 gt auto what have you guys done
  4. Hi im looking at getting a catch can for the v36 370gt but can't fine any brackets to fit 2 catch cans. can anyone help
  5. Hi guys and girls I picked up my need v36 back in January & loving it it's my 3rd skyline.
  6. that is something we dont have a lot here in the uk is m35's wreck's
  7. there are done on ebay uk. yeah have glass cover. but there have been a few cars break ins around wear i live
  8. how easy is it to get a rear tailgate glass for the m35? can you still get them from nissan
  9. yeah chris posted up that he just got one & is happy with it
  10. how much is one shipped to the uk?
  11. stagea alan

    Itsrom ecu

    Itsrom ecu after having a highflow turbo fitted last year now looking at the itsrom ecu. now as im in the uk is it worth getting. the mods i have is a uk made highflow turbo & exhaust
  12. Twin Turbo m35 Has anyone done a twin turbo set up & got it running on a m35?
  13. New exhaust needed looks like its time for a new exhaust for the nm35 but which one should i get? or any good used ones about that can ship to the uk
  14. take it they will fit a nm35 stagea
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