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  1. I know its been 2 years but any chance of a reupload
  2. Can you get a quote to ship the intake to Melbourne... if its not too much ill pay it
  3. Hey guys i need some advice/ help from the incredible brains of the import community please. Ive got a 2003 Stagea VQ25DET and ive got an HKS OB-Link connected. My problem is lack of power, lack of boost (gauge hows 7-8?psi max) and a rough idle and if left to idle for a few minutes will stall... Sitting idling the ob-link shows this sorry for the hazy photos the glass on my cameras broken... Its also has the fault codes P0100 and P0235. Ive replcaed the AFM twice and had the codes cleared by a mechanic but has returned... When it idles rough or stalls theres a strong smells of fuel coming from the car. Also the exhaust seems to sound like theres a hole in in the exhaust but the sound isnt there all the time its intermittent... Dont know if this is related at all but the fuel gauge doesnt show the correct fuel level.. First off what does the 82% a/f learn mean plz???? Oh and that figure does not change!!! Idling or under load its always 82% Any and all help would mean the world to me ive only had the car 6 weeks and still dont know what its like to drive a healthy M35 stag....
  4. Hey All, Does anybody know if theres any exhausts out there that are similar to the m35 vq25det AWD EXHAUST... Im Hoping to find something that would require a small amount of modifying to fit my Stag...
  5. Hi guys sorry but im new to the vq25 engine and the m35 stageas i had a series 1 stagea 10 years ago so my knowledge us very rusty.. Can anyone please tell me whst these are and what they do? Also as theres no stock boost gauge where is the best place to fit a boost gauge??? Any photo if possible would help dramatically
  6. So do you have the exhaust and intake? Would you be willing to seperate the dump pipe?? If i prepaid the shipping could you do shipping?
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